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The evidence record presented here at this website is increasingly indicating that Mars may very well be a planet perfectly capable of being inhabited by human life as we know it regardless of the official spin on this issue. More significantly, it appears to actually be a densely inhabited planet and by someone active there with some very advanced technology levels that appear to be beyond our own. Further, there also appears to be enough evidence to suggest that intelligent life advanced technologically may be on the Moon close right over our heads every night. If so, the obvious question becomes why haven’t these others contacted us?

In this work I get this question fairly often and I see that it has very recently been raised again in the website’s GUEST BOOK where observations and thoughts are left there by visitors for their fellows to ponder. It is certainly a valid question that I suspect many of us have at minimum asked at least ourselves if not others and perhaps chaff at the lack of adequate response. Just what is going on here? Do we have species BO sending any others not ourselves in our environment running off away from us in the distance?

Of course I certainly don’t claim to know the conclusive answer to any of this nor can any of us speak for any other intelligent and technologically advanced species as they will have to ultimately do that for themselves. However, like anyone else, I can speculate and I have thought about it quite a bit in the course of this work, so here’s my contribution from my perspective for what ever it is worth.

Some might suggest that so called alien’s don’t contact us simply because they don’t exist or at least not anymore in our locale. I don’t buy into this at all. Why? Because the civilization evidence I’ve uncovered so far for the most part points to living active civilizations with clean well and actively maintained surface facilities. Further, even if that wasn’t the case, the presence of the image tampering hiding such evidence from public awareness for so long combined with the type of covert exploration we insist on making repeatedly of the Moon and Mars surfaces and the reluctance to do follow-up explorations with anything more than that even of the nearby Moon strongly suggests an intentional avoidance of overt contact with these places. The clear question becomes why? Logically rocks and geology just does not explain this but civilizations more than capable of defending their turf and our desire to try not offend them does.

Yes I believe that advanced intelligent life other than our own exists. The logic and math of it is just simply inescapable. But, while I don’t believe this is the case, let’s just presume for the sake of argument here that there actually has not been any contact by others in our greater environment with any humans here on Earth. If so, they may be a number of reasons and not all having to do with us. Still we might consider that it may be because we are regarded as too juvenile and immature as we Earth humans tend to think of those terms and especially in relation to the possibly more advanced and sophisticated social development level of other older races that we may eventually have to deal with. In other words, some truth here about ourselves could be a bit painful.

After all, we are too often a collection of myopically self focussed Earth civilizations and we’ve spent thousands of years habituated to believe that we are alone in this environment. Also, we are apparently also habituated to the believe that we are the top species in our environment. We’ve also over and over again historically shown ourselves too often to be intolerant and dismissive of differences in others right down to the most ridiculously small cosmetic shallow details. Worse, that’s how we act just among ourselves and one can only imagine how we might react to real significant differences in really different others. Let’s face it, too many of us apparently were not listening when prophets among us have down through time tried to teach us to exercise more tolerance.

On an individual level it can be different from person to person but on a world large overall population scale, make no mistake about it, it would be a major adjustment drama for many of us to adjust to our not being alone and, worse, not being top dog after being addicted to that concept for so long as an Earth species. Consider the following different perspective. In earlier times, our Gods real or otherwise as other powerful beings in our environment were often entities that were removed from us but not too far and we interacted with them and they with us. Now our Gods are further removed and I might add safely more distant. What is that a function of? Is it indicative of something intrinsic in us? More than likely it’s a part of something thing greater than us but also quite possibly a function of our own preference for self isolation and pretense. Oh yes, emotional reactions could be expected to be part of any Earth humanity enlightening with a new paradigm scenario playing out and we know that strong reactions tend to preclude rational thought and encourage irrational behavior.

For the most part, we are too often a predatory, fractious, emotional, reactive species not much given to a lot of self restraint in the face of what we perceive as provocation on large population levels and have too often demonstrated difficulty in getting along with each other. Too often we have been characterized by shooting first and asking questions later demonstrating a lot of reactive insecurity in our base psychological makeup. Once in the reactive mode and especially in a mob setting, we can often hurt or attempt to hurt not only perceived enemies but innocent others we might otherwise normally care for and even ourselves. Also, in planetary terms, we are not united as a Earth population and often stay right busy bickering and fighting among ourselves over far too many petty crapola issues. Need I go on?

Yes we have a lot of very good qualities too that might make contact with us worth while from another’s perspective but are some of these unpleasant truths about ourselves also beginning to sound a bit to close to the mark for comfort? The fact is, it would seem to be logical and advisable for any reasonably peaceful species to give us a wide careful birth as long as they can as a matter of expediency and then exercise some serious caution in the consideration of openly contacting and then dealing with us when avoidance is no long viable. Then, even if they were inclined to do so, there is the question of who would they contact?

If they contacted leadership in the USA or probably any other technologically advanced country, there would almost certainly be a knee jerk reaction for leaders to keep knowledge of this from the general population as well as from competing and non-competing countries. In fact, this concept is even openly institutionalized in many fiction novels, movie and TV series plots because so few question it or its appropriateness in our overall human behavior.

Likewise, leaders everywhere must have at least a sense of feeling in control whether they are actually in control or not and they are inclined not to trust public “reactions” always seeming to regard this as a potential contagion. Remember to that the public would be demanding answers and actions of their leaders that just isn’t going to be adequately forthcoming in a alien contact scenario representing so many initial unknowns. The excuse for public consumption would no doubt be that secrecy was for our own good and to prevent contagious panic but the deeper underlying reason would more than likely be that leaders were simply stalling trying to see and manipulate their way through to an advantage with alien technology being the likely goal in this particular scenario.

Do you really think that so called aliens would be able to make serious contact with the public directly? Do you have any doubt that leaders would panic at such a scenario playing out seeing it as a threat to their positions and/or an attempt to bypass them and manipulate Earth’s populations directly who are already conditioned to such manipulation as well as a threat to their addictive need for a sense of control? There would no doubt quickly be an open military and/or intelligence response intended to prevent and/or contain such an event and any effected by it as though it was a contagion. Leaders never trust populations with large scale impact knowledge because it rarely means anything beneficial or profitable for them personally. In other words, it is too often our myopic self interest that rules us.

When it comes to aliens contacting individuals out in the population, are you prepared to actually believe any of that? Such a scenario in the absence of overwhelming proof of it is so far beyond the “perceived” norm that disbelief is of course going to be the usual response and now regarded as normal. Further, population psychology is also heavily manipulated in this direction both by secrecy intent but also by population self acceptance. Do any of you doubt that any attempt to bring any acceptable level of proof into a public alien contact scenario would not bring on the immediate action and full immense resources of the control addicts into play trying to contain and isolate the “problem?” Obviously any responsible alien interests considering contact with Earth planet wide populations would be well aware of this and have to act accordingly and with careful restraint.

In President Eisenhower’s January 17, 1961 farewell address to the Nation, he said in part: “…In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together. Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades. In this revolution, research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government…”

The above excerpt is from the 17-20 paragraphs but you’re
urged to read the whole farewell address at the above link

Sadly it was a fine warning visionary voice crying out in the wind and quickly blown away. The military industrial complex, what is that? Successful commercial advantages generates wealth while wealth buys political and Federal power and influence that in turn ultimately directs military and/or intelligence might as well as knowledge or the lack of it via media resources. Where commercial wealth is, there also is the real power and influence and the ability to buy Federal influence, direct military/intelligence power, hook in academia through employment via public wealth, and limit public knowledge via controlling the media to self serving wealth ends thereby manipulating public thought and behavior. In other words, great power originates from the wealth regardless of any other socio-political-religious systems in place. The result usually is that power alone becomes its own goal subverting and corrupting all else to its perpetuation ends.

An example of this scenario would be the space exploration goals of the publicly created NASA. It started out with lofty public goals but for the most part it necessarily outsources the practical pursuit of those goals drawing from the resources of private enterprise contractors and subcontractors, advanced education institutions, the military and the intelligence communities, and all sucking at the public trough to the tune of many billions of public wealth dollars. All are individually very powerful and influential segments of society in their own right that are in turn tied together in a common bond of an even greater web of interconnections and power defining what President Eisenhower referred to as the Military Industrial Complex. This is what Ike had courage enough to warn us about even though we didn’t listen and dropped the ball. Here such mega power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely where eventually people become unquestioning slaves to the goals of self perpetuating power often times without fully understanding what is happening and has happened to them.

As members of the public citizenry, you and I are regarded as a valuable wealth resource enabling space exploration but that’s about it because we are clearly not in the need to know loop when it comes to the knowledge gained by those space exploration efforts of the existence of intelligent life on other worlds and in our greater environment. Such knowledge, should it become too well known among us, would be regarded in such wealth/power/influence circles as very inconvenient and something to be much avoided. These people of wealth/power not only control the major news media, they are the major news media packing the decision making boards defining information coming to us as acceptable or not. That is why you see plenty of exposure on shallow celebrity types but never see any of this dramatic anomalous evidence record here at this website being voluntarily presented in the mainstream information dissemination gateways for public consideration as others decide for us what we are and are not interested in knowing or considering.

Now if this evidence was more speculative in nature, it would be more acceptable content in the mainstream information dissemination gateways. For example, information would be more acceptable if it was more theoretical, based primarily on someone’s personality like mine, or even based on expert and direct witness testimony. Why? Because these factors can always be diminished and offset by the theories and testimony of “cooperative” experts that will at minimum muddy the water making it hard for the public to know what to believe. However, the evidence here at this website is different because it is based on hard visual evidence in numbers inconveniently drawn from and, worse, readily verifiable in their own official science data and, much worse, by the average person.

My personal interpretive opinion on the visual evidence is one thing that they can deal with but how does one make go away the visual evidence itself once it is brought into public awareness? Not evidence that requires an experts interpretation but visual evidence that the average eye can see and the average brain can adequately interpret? At the end of the day, lame explanations like it’s a trick of lighting, image artifacts, swamp gas, test dummies, or simply labeling it with the usual dismissive term “anomalous,” or trying to recharacterize it with platitudes, or trying to move it over into the ever suspicious “conspiracy theory” category to diminish it just doesn’t quite cut it. That is the danger to them of hard objective factual evidence and especially when there are large numbers of it are present, one can chew around the edges and diminish it a bit in perception but one just can’t make the core of it adequately go away as can be done with speculative material or personal psychology.

For example, after their tactical dismissive arsenal is exhausted on the public, they’re still left with some very obvious and inconvenient factual hard visual evidence located right in their own obtained science data. Consider the colossal size shiny reflective tube form evidence in Report #046 that is completely strange and inexplicable in normal Earth geological terms. Then there are the incredible colossal size branching plant growth evidence in Report #019 and the huge fungi growth on the top of high steep ridges in Report #021 as well as the massive forest growth in Report #023 and others, all inexplicable in normal geological terms. Also what about the very obvious lakes of surface water and surrounding dense forest in or the obvious reservoir of surface water in Report #002. There is also the very obvious high technology civilization evidence like the industrial plant under a crystal clear dome puffing vapor out of a horizontal stack in Report #010, the huge nozzle shooting a heavy bodied liquid spray in Report #029, or the Colossal head monument in Report #003. Then there are the very obviously intentionally obscured massive tower shaped objects on the Moon in Report #067 and other massive Moon objects in Report #068 right over our heads every night.

The accumulative list could go on and on but you get the picture as the wealth of the hard visual evidence and its numbers mount up so that the core visual evidence record cannot be denied. This hard visual evidence core of this reporting here is a form of wealth in truth available for you and I as citizenry to make use of. It’s what makes this work completely unique and helps this record of evidence survive like a light in the dark where secrecy and deception normally prevails. To attack it and me is to also at the same time draw public attention to the evidence record here and that is the last thing the secrecy agenda wants to happen.

Their great fear is not aliens demonstrating obvious restraint in dealing with we Earth humans but the public here becoming too knowledgeable of this and then in turn of their great long standing deceptions. The latter gives the former a negative quality that could potentially spark a reactive flame of blame and a heads rolling scenario playing out here on Earth. At this stage, I have no doubt that it is the fear and avoidance of this scenario’s potential that is the primary impetus for continued secrecy, not any alien evidence itself.

The truth is that contact with aliens has probably already occurred for many years or decades on both individual and leadership levels. But, what has prevailed in the long haul has likely been only at the leadership/wealth/power level with anything other than that in the population being crushed, manipulated and contained into secrecy isolated away from widespread public knowledge. Such a scenario leaves any aliens little choice but to deal with problematic Earth human representatives heavily addicted to and corrupted by power and duplicity. Such a contact scenario would at best be characterized by paranoia and duplicity initially on the Earth human side’s part trying to manipulate their way to advantage. Unfortunately, duplicity generates duplicity, so it would not be hard to imagine a nonproductive duplicitous distrust relationship ever increasing on all sides of such an issue.

Now it takes no real stretch of the imagination to understand that such a scenario playing out would likely have resulted in a non productive or advancing relationship from the alien point of view while the Earth leadership/wealth/power side may be satisfied in the shorter run with tidbits of technology gained over time that has gone into their industrial/wealth/military technology maw and eventually fed down the line in lesser bits and pieces to you and I as consumers and wealth generators for others. If we assume that they want it, what are aliens to do about contact with Earth’s general populations without setting off the control addicts and/or causing too much upheaval within Earth’s manipulated and for the most part ignorant about any of this populations?

If we assume that contact with us by aliens is a desire for them and, since a more forceful scenario appears not to have occurred in our past demonstrating a measure of current alien restraint, logically a more subtle means of contact is going to be the preferred choice. One that partially bypasses but doesn’t set off the control addicts into a mega overt defensive/aggressive posture and doesn’t stress Earth’s ignorant populations and social systems too much too quickly. Think about it. What would you do if you were an alien with benevolent goals and with very advanced technology available to you charged with this task and responsibility?

Would you bypass the proven not to work control and power addicted leadership and go directly for a sudden widespread public contact scenario? Remember that it would clearly have to be on a necessarily massive scale so that it could not be adequately contained and otherwise countered by the control addicts. Further, are you willing to chance the likely many uncontrollable dynamics of such a scenario in the great variety of mostly ignorant and unprepared Earth populations and social structures with the power addicted types at the same time doing their feeling threatened and likely flipping out trying to stop it thing? Think about it. How responsible would that be?

As you see, if your goals are benevolent and responsible with any measure of compassion for Earth populations, the matter is much more complex than it might at first appear in the more casual speculative view. If you want ongoing contact but with a viable stable population, you must obviously develop a much more subtle longer range contact strategy for it to be effective, at least to responsible goals.

Consider that with your advanced technology level you might interfere with Earth’s planetary exploration science data, either directly or perhaps indirectly via those here on Earth working with it, just a little so that it wasn’t evident soon enough to the secrecy manipulators for them to counter. This would enable just a little real evidence getting by the secrecy filters but piling up in bits and pieces over time waiting to be eventually discovered at some future time when the science data was already committed to public exposure and couldn’t then be adequately sanitized after the fact. There would then follow a many years long process of evidence coming out of this normally obfuscated material gradually intruding into the general public awareness and a years long process via gradual exposure of hopefully public acceptance and adjustment to it. Beginning to see any element of the familiar in such a scenario yet? Can you connect the dots yet?

But, what if you misjudged a bit the degree of Earth human population’s manipulated habituation to ignorance and blindness and its attendant resistance to the process of evidence revelations intruding enough into public awareness and it just began to start only in our Earth year 2000 rather than earlier in the 1980s or 1990s when you thought it might start playing out? That’s 2- 3 decades late if you do the math. Why is this tardiness concept important? Because our Earth technological advancement mentioned by President Eisenhower is accelerating our forward momentum toward contact and this advance is further accelerated by some minor partial successes that wealth-power-military-industrial complex has had in gleaning tidbits from alien technology. This accelerates our movement toward spreading outward off planet and the mere prospect of that will alone force open contact sooner rather than later whether anyone wants it or not or is prepared for it or not including any aliens out there.

I suspect some of you are beginning to get the picture now. Yes there just may be two contact scenarios at work here, a more personal one that considers our planet wide psychological developmental welfare and a relentless marching forward technologically based impersonal one driven in part by the secrecy agenda’s own grasping for alien technology that doesn’t. As you can see, the unavoidable latter impersonal scenario establishes a time limit on the former personal scenario. The question is which will have its way with us first? Clearly, if any of this is true, then time is running out for the more desired personal alternative scenario playing out on our world.

This is the point where the Planetary Truth Project concept/cause/movement and its vision comes into the picture. This citizenry based concept will begin to take a more defined shape in 2007. Now that this anomalous evidence record is better fleshed out in numbers with a variety of evidence that is coming increasingly of its own volition into public awareness to the tune of millions of people as evidenced by this website traffic hit rate, it will also draw the more concerned open and objective independent thinkers around the world into a growing movement body collecting around this evidence core and the initial goal will be to lead and bring awareness of this incredible evidence, its implications, and its consideration and debate increasingly deeper and deeper into mainstream public awareness.

At the very minimum, growing numbers of independent thinkers will be attracted to this movement and its common purpose becoming a community of unique and less fearful stronger individuals able to operate more on their own and outside of the box. Now, although the odds do favor it, I cannot promise that the bulk of the world population or leadership will be coming on board with us in sufficient time to avoid a impersonal contact scenario playing out. That is after all a matter of individual habituation resistive psychology rather than evidence and its reality and that is always tricky business.

What I can say with confidence is that this community of truth seekers will become huge and a force to be reckoned with and will at least be better prepared as a populace in case a impersonal scenario is the one that plays out here on Earth. I can also say that at best the presence of such a large community of more objective and self reliant independent thinkers extending beyond country borders and around the world too diffuse and widespread for the control addicts to contain and control will be the most obvious electronic networking place for open alien contact to occur in a way that can be anticipated to be more stable and productive and certainly less duplicitous.

So there you have it. That is the rough Planetary Truth Project communal vision and very basic near future map. Are any of you up for it? Once again, as always, it is a matter of choice. What will be your choice? Will you choose what in my opinion amounts to the highly questionable bliss of ignorance, manipulation, being controlled by others, avoidance of truth, and the hope of only sameness and stagnation? Or, will you choose trying to grow and move forward into greater contact preparedness and the potential complexities of a larger more sophisticated environment that is likely one way or the other on its way soon regardless of any resistance or preferences to the contrary? Will you join in this unique endeavor? What is your pleasure and what will be your measure?

If sadly you choose apathy and inaction or to actively resist, then so be it, it is your right as this is after all your world too. But, if you choose to come onboard this truth project, then welcome. For the time being just consider yourself a part of this grass roots movement but be patient and refrain from actively doing anything yet. A characteristic of independent thinkers using rational process is that they can be patient. Wait for the right moment to focus and act. You will see it here at this website and, don’t worry, you will unequivocally know it when you see it. It will not be for a while yet. For the time being just know that ultimately we’re going to take this knowledge’s light and the chance to consider it not only deeper and deeper into the public mainstream but also into the darker places as well.

Even in the very unlikely event that aliens do not exist and that we are alone here in this particular galactic sector or aliens here want nothing to do with us and there will be no voluntary alien contact scenario in our near future, we will still have jobs to do. There are still all of those obfuscation tactics demonstrated in this world’s planetary exploration satellite imaging.

There is no question that something is being hidden there from us such as those massive objects on the Moon and by someone treating our own exploration data as though it was exclusively theirs instead of ours. Let’s call a spade a spade, this is outright deception and theft of knowledge. It is not right and must be corrected and will not be done voluntarily, so we citizenry must see to it. A solid message needs to be sent to the control addicts that we independent thinkers reject the current level of unwanted control, manipulation and deception and that altering away from the path of the ongoing pervasive ignorance is bliss scenario and more toward truth is absolutely required.


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