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The title of this commentary “The Bloop” may already sound a little too silly and invite ridiculous reactions but the core subject matter is real and serious. Some of you may know about it but also some of you will not and this is something that we all need to pay attention to.

Just what is the “Bloop?” It is a mysterious sound stuck with that name by those scientists first hearing it. It is a very powerful loud sound of unknown source recorded in 1997 located in the remote south Pacific west off the tip of South America and north of Antarctica. It was detected several times by the stand alone Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array system designed and built by NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) PMEL (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory) to augment the U.S. Navy SOund SUrveillance System (SOSUS). The array’s combined purpose is to monitor undersea earthquakes, ice noise, marine populations and their migrations, as well as to detect submarines and their movements.

This particular 1997 sound was of sufficient amplitude to be heard on multiple sensors and at a range of 5,000 km. It was determined by NOAA scientists to not be from a man made source but resembled that of a living creature or creatures never heard before. It was just several times louder than any living creature sound ever recorded and very different than anything ever heard before. Further, subsequent examination by other scientists suggest that the sound may be made up of many different individual signatures suggesting multiple entities creating the sound.

This evidence went without any real explanation, was a mystery, and since it came with no real answers, it didn’t get much media or public attention and was essentially ignored. However, a NOAA team of scientists continuing to investigate this became excited because of the anticipation of the possibility of discovery of a new species making it. They also ran across an at first inexplicable large beaching and death of whales and dolphins on the Washington state coast that seem to happen around the same time as the sound. Further, the Navy was ahead of them at this beaching site insisting on secrecy and even dressed in hazmat suits. This raised some suspicions about why the Navy was there at all.

Further, the NOAA team subsequent investigation discovered that the beached whale body tissues were all showing clear evidence of massive sonar impact damage. Their speculative conclusion was that the Navy was testing a new sonar weapon that was either directly killing marine mammals or driving them in fear to get away from it into shallow water and the beaching’s. Further, because the Navy had advanced knowledge of the weapon tests timings, that is how they always managed to get to the whale beaching sites first before anyone else.

Now the “Bloop” was a sound also accompanied by a lot of increased whale and dolphin chatter as distinguished from the Bloop and these were easily identified. The NOAA team thought that this was likely warnings being broadcast by the marine mammal communities (whales, dolphins, etc.) about the Navy sonar weapon test. They also drew the conclusion that the strange “new” species Bloop sound from the unknown source or sources was present for the same reason.

Later on in 2005 there was another mass beaching on the South African coast. The South African researchers there had recorded a similar Bloop sound from their own undersea sensors and the NOAA team was invited to come help investigate due to their known prior experience with this. The same Bloop sound was confirmed as was the same sonar damage to the beached whales. However, at this point a new factor entered the picture. The South Africans had recovered body chunks like nothing ever seen before from the stomach of a huge great white shark and they got the NOAA scientists to take a look at this as well.

The body chunks were in relative poor condition and consisted of three parts, part of a skull, much of the hip area, and the best preserved was a major part of a broad flat fluke like horizontal tale obviously used for up and down propulsion through the water. A thorough investigation including ruling out whales, dolphins, manatees, etc., first DNA sampling suggested that this material is humanoid in origin leading testers to conclude that the samples had been contaminated by exposure to humans. The excited NOAA scientists were suppose to take the evidence back to the U.S. for more exhaustive testing but just ahead of them as they arrived to pick it up, all of the evidence was confiscated by government order and has of course disappeared.

The core NOAA scientist investigative team members, although careful about what they say because of their association with NOAA and the Navy. obviously suspect U.S. Navy secrecy to be behind it all. They also strongly suspect that the “new” species that made the “Bloop” sound is actually a race of aquatic people perhaps with human origins. Determined to get the story out, some of the scientists involved themselves in a two hour TV special named Mermaids: The Body Found that just a short time ago aired on the Animal Planet channel.

Unfortunately, producer’s likely perceived need to generate ratings for the show resulted in sensationalizing the subject matter with “Mermaid” labeling. That has invited a mixture of incredulous reaction such as one blog following the airing referring to it as a mockudrama. Such humorous but critical characterizations allow too many viewers to move the evidence over into the unbelievable and dismiss the subject matter as ridiculous. In other words, by escaping it, one does not have to deal with it.

The TV show does present some other evidence. For example, there are a fair number of documented cases where commercial fisherman have brought up fish from deeper colder waters with fresh evidence of broke off spears stuck in them. There have also been artifacts recovered determined to be hand worked spear heads made out of bone and/or stingray spines of unknown origin. There are also a few films showing evidence of humanoid aquatic creature capture but also of possible questionable authenticity.

The TV show also presents a short film taken by two teenage boys who apparently arrived first at the first whale beaching in Washington state even before the Navy. They describe finding a human like body on the beach in among the whale bodies. The TV show presents this film showing what appears to be a dead person being prodded by one of the boys but then it jumps up snarling at them causing them to run for their lives. That of course is why the 2-hour TV show is named Mermaids: The Body Found.

It seems that the two boys and their parents were also later coercised by the Navy into changing their public story about claiming to find a human like body but didn’t think to ask about the boy’s taking pictures and long after the event the boys produced this video clip to subsequent investigators. This clip is shown several times in the TV show but apparently edited. Toward the last of the show that part of the clip after the boys are running is shown with the camera pointing at the ground at their running feet. In my opinion, the camera is way too steady looking down at their feet as they are running for it to be taken as real.

That gives one pause about taking the clip seriously. Further, the whole TV show is stretched and augmented by considerable CGI effects creating the Mermaid people and their life that is entertaining but does little positive in taking the subject matter seriously. Still, even if one discounts these young boy’s statements and the clip as manipulated and the TV show producer’s motivations in their editing choices, there is still plenty of hard evidence here to take seriously. There is the Bloop sound itself, the marine mammal beaching’s and their sonar weapon tissue damage, the contents of that shark’s stomach in South Africa, and the government confiscation of this material to obviously prevent further in depth investigation by scientists determined to pursue it.

So why am I putting forth this issue for you to consider? It’s because, in my opinion, the Bloop sound is sufficient hard evidence to warrant our consideration. Further, the examination of the body parts found in the great white shark, although the physical evidence was confiscated, it was still documented and sufficient as hard evidence. Likewise, the fact that the body was confiscated at all and by who, is itself evidence. Together this alone is powerful stuff no matter the shallow reactions and characterizations of some or what governments or military’s would prefer to have us believe and prevent us from considering.

When I was very young, I subscribed for a year to Argosy magazine back in the 1950s. In one of those issues there was the story of a man who on the beaches of the world would find stones with pictures recorded in them of an aquatic race of humans. I have no knowledge as to whether this was truth of not but it sparked my sense of exploration and it could possibly be a factor here.

Then long ago I read Thor Heyerdahl’s book “Kon-Tiki” in the 1950s about his and five other’s 1947 raft drift experience across the Pacific from South America to Polynesia. As an avid marine oriented person in my youth, this form of drifting in a craft of sorts struck me as excellent for exploration because I knew that those doing it might see more than they anticipated without the disturbance caused by oars, paddles, motors, and other noise making devises. Sound is more pronounced and travels further in the water than in the air.

Sure enough I remember a passage in the book where there were heads of something unknown rising out of the water at some distance from the raft during some dark nights looking at them in the raft with those in the raft getting the distinct impression they were being assessed by intelligence and getting frightened by that concept. Obviously, this could fit in with an aquatic people consideration.

It is not my intention here to present this information as definitive or in a formal investigative report because I just don’t have the time for that kind of in depth investigation here. However, I’ve elected to put the basic information on this subject in front of you as a commentary piece for you to consider and perhaps spark you into taking a look at this more serious than has been presented in a mere TV show for entertainment.

I will say this, in case you thought otherwise, we know so very little about the Earth’s deep oceans that constitute at least 60% of the planet’s surface and we have explored less than 2% of this entire under sea realm. In other words it is true that, although we know very little about the Moon, we know more about the Moon than we do of Earth’s deep oceans. Remember as well that new life more alien to us than our imaginations can anticipate is discovered in them with every dive.

If this evidence does represent the presence here in Earth’s oceans of an intelligent aquatic people who have managed to avoid contact with us for so long in such a severe environment, I agree with some of the former NOAA scientists. I say that we leave these people alone, live in peace with them, and try our best to protect them not only from those who mean them harm but from ourselves and from those who would hunt them to gain personal or social credit. Just leave them alone.

Also, might it be possible that, just as UFOs appear to be fascinated with and monitor Earth humanity on the surface of this planet, could it be that they (USOs) do the same with who ever or what ever may be in our deep oceans? I can only wonder if someone like Paul Watson or influential others among the Sea Shepherds fighting for whale survival (whale wars) and others in the Greenpeace organization involved in the southern sea off the coasts of Antarctica know more than they are admitting about this?

Also, might they know more about what ever is being hidden from us in the satellite imaging of Antarctica continent? Paul contact me and let’s talk. There is future history in the making here for visionaries.

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