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My purpose here is to bring the evidence at the link below to your attention for you to decide for yourself what it may mean. Be forewarned that I certainly do not know with any security what it means but I will speculate a little at the end giving some unconventional options and then you see what you think. This evidence by the way was brought to my attention by my former associate Jeffrey McCann in California.

The evidence here has to do with the Earth’s magnetosphere. The basics are that planets like Earth produce a magnetic field that extends from the planet’s inner body out many thousands of miles or kilometers into space around the planet. It’s like an invisible cushy force field that via resistance and deflection protects the planet and most of the life on it from excessive harmful cosmic radiation coming mostly from our own Sun.

The Sun’s radiation is continuous and consists of charged particles that are collectively called the solar wind because it flows in a outward direction from the sun impacting all the planets in our solar system in varying degrees. The degree of magnetosphere protection and solar wind radiation fluctuate because both are generated by changing dynamic forces in the Earth and in the Sun. Likewise, the dynamic shape of the Earth’s magnetosphere is primarily determined by the degree of solar wind impact on it and the degree of magnetosphere resistance at any given moment.

Satellites are up that consistently monitor both the Earth’s magnetosphere and the Sun’s surface via raw data as well as via visual representations, all with redundancy. For example, a subdued quieter sun surface usually equates to a reduction in solar wind bombardment reaching the Earth and its magnetosphere while large coronal mass ejections (explosions) on the sun’s surface and sub-surface usually equate to an increase in solar wind bombardment reaching Earth.

Now for the EVIDENCE. With the basics in hand, it comes as a surprise and a bit of a shock that Earth magnetosphere monitoring data for March 12, 2012 (Monday) comes up missing from the data. Now I don’t mean that it never existed as if something went wrong preventing it from being recorded. Rather, it seems that every bit of it has been removed from the data for that one date. Fortunately, the data for the 12th was recorded by others before removal and guess what it shows? It shows complete reversals of the magnetosphere directly opposite of the solar wind flow direction.

Yes, this is suppose to be impossible under normal circumstances but the data from the 12th still says that it happened and human feelings of impossibility do not change that. Further, the removal of all of the data so completely from different official sources for just that one date cannot be coincidental or ignored and strongly suggests the intent to create and maintain secrecy on this. That in turn tells you and I in the public that we need to pay attention to this. WHAT COULD THIS REVERSAL POSSIBLY MEAN AND ALSO WHY TRY TO HIDE IT?

Logically, if this could be something legitimately associated with natural causation, there is no need to hide it and maintain secrecy on it. The fact that every bit of this information has been removed from all official sources defines clear intent and suggests an attempt to hide the information or more likely what ever its implications are. Does someone in charge think that this is an advance manifestation of a future pole shift that could wipe out most life on this planet? After all, some including official members of governments do believe in this type of thing and particularly in association with the Nibiru return scenario.

Enter “Nibiru” in a search engine of your choice for more

On the other hand, take the speculation a step further. Could a giant alien ship have moved or be moving into a position near Earth on the lee side of the solar wind passing around Earth and generating so much power that it caused Earth’s magnetosphere to temporarily reverse as it moved and positioned? A ship operating primarily in a different dimension and therefore not visible to the Earth human eye in this dimension? A ship or ships supporting an Andromeda Council interference type scenario trying to protect Earth from itself, from its adversaries, and/or prepare it for a coming big change?

Enter “Andromeda Council” in a search engine of your choice for more

So there you have it. The speculation part may seem too off the wall and wild for some of you and surprising especially coming from me but don’t forget that the temporary reversal of Earth’s magnetosphere on March 12, 2012 is very real and it is inexplicable in conventional terms that might actually be legitimate. Remember this as well, when conventional explanations do not fit or work, then the truth, however implausible it is thought to be, may very well be somewhere in the unconventional that is left.

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