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%image_alt%It may be a bit understandable when a lot of the mainstream public doesn’t get that excited or jump up and down over past news releases as to what Mars may be about. After all, such official information is always based on the accepted official science consensus that the Mars surface is a dry, frozen, barren, hostile place devoid of water and life. So what’s to get excited about? After all the general public’s frame of reference is mostly families, what they experience every day, and what they are most familiar with here on Earth. Normally they just don’t think that much about it and take information on the closest planets for granted. So, except for a few, they frequently just don’t understand the full implications and place their trust in institutions like NASA created to represent them in such matters. On the other hand, the well-educated science community has no such excuse and especially those of you specializing in the geology and biology related fields with that unique insight where it is your professional business to know more as to such matters. So what would be your reaction to any serious revelation about the existence of surface water in a liquid state on Mars or extensive old growth forest plant life, all backed up by the official science exploration data itself? Never gonna happen you say! Well when you see the hard visual evidence at the link below of multiple dark lakes of standing water in a liquid state on Mars surrounded by vegetation forests, you may begin to think otherwise.


You will quickly have a very good idea of its implications and its ability to undermine the previously for decades well accepted official consensus position on Mars. You know that this is by official consensus science supposed to be impossible. It is so contrary to the current accepted view that you also know that someone is got to be very wrong. Likewise, when you see the hard visual evidence at the link below of what clearly appears to be vast super densely packed old growth forest plant life on Mars.


Once again you’ll quickly have a very good idea of its implications and again its ability to undermine the previously well accepted for years, the official position on the impossibility of biological major form plant life on this planet. Again you know that it means someone has got to be very wrong and you know who that is likely going to be. You also know that seriously considering this evidence may lead you into conflict with the official consensus supported by your profession, peers, academia, and employers. With that in mind, the automatic reaction amounts to scientists too quickly dismissing this contrary evidence from constructive thinking and analysis perceiving it as too much change too quick and a threat to the status quo. There is a knee jerk reaction rationalizing that such information is coming from a lone small source with likely insufficient credentials. That equates to the likelihood of questionable character justifying making it worthy of dismissal. But, that kind of behavior is still wrong and, worse, you know it. The only thing that counts is the truth verifiable in the official science data quite apart from any messenger. Surface water in the south polar regions of Mars, especially surface water in a liquid unfrozen state, as indicated by the verifiable visual evidence in Report #199, is thought to be not just impossible when temperatures are officially supposed to be so far below freezing and the atmosphere is supposed to be 95+% CO2 with only very tiny trace amounts of atmospheric moisture.

Also, we haven’t even gotten into pressure considerations. As you are well aware, that kind of contrary evidence once again means that something is very wrong. Likewise, a variety of vegetative forests in the south polar region, especially vast huge old growth forests that take a lot of time and favorable conditions to reach that kind of super dense coverage, are also just not possible, especially when temperatures are supposed to be so far below freezing that can fracture metal must less vulnerable organic plant cells. Again, that means that something is very wrong. But, I don’t have to explain the implications to you. The question then becomes who has the wrong of it? But then the issue isn’t really just who is wrong now is it?

If the official consensus is wrong, then there is a real problem because that consensus is built on decades and layers upon layers of accumulated science data that influenced your own science training. So scientists will anticipate instinctively that the official science data has a real problem. Further, it is not likely to have happened by chance or incompetency only and is likely to have happened via manipulation subsequently believed to be truth but isn’t. You know that coming to such a conclusion will put institutions like NASA and JPL in very bad light and your profession along with it in accepting the consensus as truth.

You know that, if you go down this path very far, you will likely wind up in isolation with the largest science employers in the world (NASA, JPL, etc.) and most of your own consensus science community and academia aligned against you. As a scientist so dependent on reputation and university academia, it is obviously not the way to achieve employment and funding to support a comfortable private and professional life.

So expediency rules and automatic dismissal of the potentially offending evidence is the quick easy way out, no matter whether it represents truth or not and it becomes the accepted norm. It is a sad scenario where the truth concept given so much lip service in science profession standards is via expediency knowingly avoided in favor of that which is not truth but which preserves the status quo and the flawed system. Yes leave it to Man to avoid and corrupt truth when it represents difficulty!

On the other hand, well documented and verifiable hard visual science data evidence like that exampled in Reports #199 and #200, at this website and especially in my book “The Hidden Truth: Water & Life on Mars,” verifiable and fixed in time and place remains to cause problems for the expedient. Truth is like that, in the end hard to suppress and get away from.

We need to understand that we are all at the nexus point on this space exploration business. The truth is going to come out simply because it is the truth and real whereas fantasy is not real and is a basket that will not hold any water. In an age where wide spread electronic communication for the mainstream public is the ever increasing norm, secrets of all kinds are subject to the process of erosion. Further, with fast universal communications, collapse and change can happen very fast as common people resisting tyranny are now demonstrating in the Mid-East and North Africa. In fact, as we reach out to the frontiers of outer and inner space, what we encounter there literally guarantees the inevitable collapse of secrecy and especially the older larger secrets.

When the collapse of this secrecy comes fast and suddenly, any scientists that embrace objective truth prior to it becoming common place will be viewed by posterity as visionaries and leaders. On the other hand, those doggedly continuing to embrace the past fantasy will be regarded as incompetent and debris to be left behind. In other words, save yourself! The Earth is not flat even though it is complicated!

I urge you to accept the risk now and step up. Become involved. Consider yourself challenged to give the contrary Mars surface water and forest bio-life evidence here an honest objective examination and consider that we have all been played by those we trusted. Beyond that level of objectivity, let your conscious be your guide. No one can ask more.



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