"Order For Me" Terms

“Borderix” has kept 5% of the order in front of the commission in order to take advantage of the “buy for me” service.

“Borderix” is liable according to the time the packages arrive in the Turkish warehouse.

Borderix takes regular orders within 9 hours (1 business day) of duty, and 30-40 minutes to perform duty orders. Although any problems arise due to the order (end of the product, the end of the ordered size or color, the completion of the campaign, the payment problem, etc.)

The amount of the beneficiary's payment (with the exception of 5% commission rights) is returned to the beneficiary's balance. As a matter of fact, due to the discounts, sometimes this period can be extended. The amount of money charged to the user balance can be used to buy other products. Those who benefit from this service should be informed about the discounts and campaigns in the «Notes» section, otherwise the orders will be executed before they are received and it is time to pay the price.

Payment for the product(s) and domestic shipping in Turkey must be paid in full when placing orders. In case of non-payment, the remaining amount, if any, will be deducted from the customer's existing balance or demanded from the customer at the time of delivery of the product(s). Delivery of the product is possible after full payment.

When using the "Make an order" service, the packages "added to the basket" are not processed, and only the orders that fall under the "orders" section after paying the order amount are processed, and any changes (size, color, etc.) are not allowed.

Received orders are executed at the same time. However, products may be sent by the seller in separate packages, and Borderix is not responsible for this. The shipping fee is calculated separately for each parcel sent separately.

"Borderix" LLC is not responsible for the risks that will occur if the customer requests to make purchases from online stores that are considered risky.