Order For Me - What is it?

Shopping sites in Turkey do not accept your credit card? Do you need an address in Turkey to register? Let us do the purchasing for you with our buy for me service!

Add the link of the product you want to buy

Many websites that you want to shop from Turkey do not accept credit cards, of asking for an address and phone number in Turkey. Or sımply you may want to complete your shopping through a single platform instead dealing with different sites.

In such cases, you can request us to make the purchase to your Turkey address by using our Order for Me service. This transaction has a 5% transaction fee on the total order amount within Turkey.

Complete your payment for the purchase

After this stage, you can add the product to the cart and continue to add new products, or you can go to the payment screen.

You will be expected to proceed to the last stage on the site you will purchase and manually fill in the last amount on the screen.

The shipping amount will be added to your order later.

You can deduct this amount from your balance after the order is placed or pay when you receive the products.

After this stage, you can continue to add products to your cart or proceed to the payment stage.

After you review and pay, your purchase will be completed within the day and an information message will be sent to you.

Let's do all the necessary checks

In the buy for me service, if there is an error in the amounts you entered for the product purchase, a price update request will be sent to you and you will be expected to pay extra. You can make a payment by examining the error and the extra payment amount, or you can contact us for more information.

If there is incomplete information about the product you will buy (for example, if you request to buy shoes and not specify the number), this extra information will be requested by sending an e-mail and notification to you, and your purchase will continue after you complete the missing information.

Buy your order and wait for it to arrive in your mailbox

After you pay for the purchase with our buy for me service, the products you request are purchased within the same day. A notification e-mail will be sent to you when the purchase is completed.

When a package received with a buy-for-me transaction reaches your mailbox, you will be notified of the receipt of your package for this buy-for-me transaction and the package number. You will also be able to see your Buy for me transaction number in addition to your package code in your mailbox.