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The above first report image is a context image of sorts. On the left pointed out with the yellow arrows are the two primary placement symbols sites appearing in my previous . On the the right is the southernmost of three raised round pads and access roadway pointed out by the green arrows. All are located out in the middle of no where in the state of Nevada wastes of an old essentially dry lake bed now in a desert setting as described in the previous reporting.

In the above image note the pad’s location relative to the site on the left with the strange symbols. Both are certainly in the middle of no where far removed from prying eyes but they are still relatively near each other and on the same horizontal plane. Now note the very high amount of vehicle traffic patterns imprinted in the terrain just to the left or west of the round pad. Now this traffic could have been done at a time previous to this pad’s construction but more than likely this is evidence that this particular pad site has been used a lot in more recent times.

The above second image is a closer view of the round pad in the first image. What I want you to note here is that this is a raised heavily compacted round platform. Note that the access roadbed is the same raised and compacted construction. This is typical of all of the evidence presented in this reporting. Note also that the access road terminates into this southernmost site.

Now the above third image evidence is a short distance north via the raised access road on the left from the previous site. Note that this mid-area site has been constructed over an old bombing range site as evidence by the many small to larger conventional bomb craters that dot this area. This bombing evidence clearly predates the raised construction as evidenced by the fact that the construction is laid down over the bombing scars.

This type of site differs from the previous one in that it demonstrates not only the raised round pad now with concentric dark ring lines on it but also a strait east/west roadway dissecting the round area the equivalent in construction of the north/south access roadway. You’ll also note that the terminating ends of this dissecting roadway expand out slightly into rounded configurations that I’ve labeled as “turn around’s.” Finally please note the short north/south raised short extensions sticking off of the round platform.

The above fourth image demonstrates the northernmost of these three sites. As you can see, it is designed and constructed the same as the previous mid-area site in the old bombing field. Please also note that the raised access road terminates at the northern site location similar to the way it does at the southern site.

Despite the obvious shared design and construction features, the above northern platform site differs from the other two sites in important ways. Note that this site has little sign of vehicle traffic in the terrain off of the raised areas. Note that there are also signs of shallow water presence around it. In fact it appears that snow melt water periodically drains down from the highlands north and east of this site and one of the drains appears to pass right under the round platform here without eroding it or deflecting around it.

This brings up the question of the toughness of this raised bed construction. Are they just made of soft fill from the surrounding terrain? The answer would be yes and no, but mostly no. While the area immediately beside the roadway does show signs of excavation to help form up base areas, no portion of either the raised platforms or roadway surfaces show any signs of vehicle traffic. Further, in addition to this round pad, the east/west access roadway west of this point shows two places along it that water passes from north to south under it in volume with minimal erosion.

This strongly suggests that all of the raised roadways and platforms are likely heavily compacted with brought in aggregate and have toughened paved surfaces. This explains why no signs of vehicle traffic on these raised roadways as compared to that in the terrain off of the roadways. That means that someone spent a lot of money on these raised formations out in the middle of no where and is very serious about their presence. Private money would not have done this without thought of return on investment. That means that these are almost certainly built with tax payer money and that means the military.

However, before we leave this northern site, take note of the evidence pointed out by the yellow arrows and text in the lower right corner area of this fourth image. There is a large area of smudge image tampering hiding something there in 2006 when this image was taken. Further, there are also a number of uniform dark color items with twin round objects (lights?) that are blurred to prevent recognition. There is also another smudge area just to the left of these objects. These obfuscation applications are poorly but successfully done and someone obviously didn’t want us to know whatever this is.


Below the fifth image area is a east/west raised access road that intersects the north/south raised platforms access road. From this intersection, it extends off to the left or west to a water reservoir area with a lone likely inhabited building, a tower, and a helicopter marked landing pad as seen in the above left fifth image. Heading east to the right from the reservoir area, the east/west access road also crosses the north/south access road servicing the platform areas at an intersection and extends further east deeper into the Carson Sink wastes with the raised roadway terminating at another inhabited facility as seen in the above right seventh image.

I suspect the west facility at the reservoir guards the general area main access and acts as the main communications outpost with the outside world. On the other hand, I suspect that the east office more directly serves the raised platform facilities and the square blockhouse type secondary building on the right there is probably a flight electronics acquisition and control center.

Now some who will be checking behind me following this report as well as the previous one via Google Earth will likely be encountering a number of large round forms in out flung areas like those exampled in the above 7th image. Closer inspection reveals that these are merely round farming fields growing crops (often premium hay) extending out from a central irrigation water well and have nothing to do with the evidence presented here. These round farming fields are also sometimes mixed with standard rectangular fields.

So don’t get confused about them just because they are large and round. On the other hand, their presence in the surrounding far out terrain may have influenced the design of the raised round platforms being discussed as evidence here. The round platforms design may have in part been meant to mimic the fields hoping that the platforms would be visually confused with these fields by civilian aircraft passing overhead as well as by spy planes and satellite distant imaging further above.

The above sixth image demonstrates the entire context evidence area. The yellow arrows point out the positions of the evidence sites in the previous and the green arrows point out the location of the evidence sites in this report. You can also see the water drains extending down from the highlands in the top of the image and where the drain water collects in the larger and smaller artificial reservoir areas as well as where it overflows at times into the desert terrain south of the reservoirs.

Note the green arrow and white text showing the location of the west lone inhabited facility with the helopad. A raised north/south road comes down accessing the reservoir area from the north where the depot sites are located, turns the corner heading out to our right at the bottom corner of the larger reservoir at the first inhabited facility and heads east across the bottom edge of the larger reservoir. Past the reservoir it then crosses the north/south raised road that accesses the three raised platform sites at an intersection and terminates east at the second inhabited facility on the right pointed out with the white arrow and text labeling.

The above seventh image provides a wider context view to help those of you who wish to check this evidence out behind me for yourself. Note the major city of Reno in the lower left, the town of Lovelock, Nevada pointed out with the white arrow and text and of course the main evidence area pointed out with the red arrow and black text.

So we’ve examined some raised roadways and round platforms in the middle of no where. So what? What does that have to do with anything?

I am satisfied that these hardened durable round platforms as well as the roadways that dissect them from west to east are, among other things like electronic targets, dedicated covert airfields for very specialized and highly advanced aircraft. They are designed as much as possible to not appear to be airfields from civilian aircraft flying over as they to some extent mimic the round farming fields scattered in the terrain all around outside of the evidence area and this part of the country as evidenced in the 7th image here. However, engineering form must follow function and this gives them away to an extent telling us a fair amount about them once they’re recognized for what they really are.

A relatively conventional aircraft with shorter strip capabilities can land and take off from the east/west roadway dissecting the round pad that is really a more conventional airstrip. The “turn around’s” at east and west ends of the strip reveal the roadway as the runway it really is. It is narrow and a bit short by conventional combat airstrip standards but note that, if you can thread that narrow strip needle, you can get along just fine threading the needle on an Navy aircraft carrier.

It should be noted here that all raised access roadways to the airfields are almost certainly of the same toughened design and construction as the airfield strips. That means that it would be possible to use the roadway as an extra long runway and that would not be good if support vehicles and equipment was using the roadway at the same time. To prevent this and likely meant mostly to discourage newer pilot trainees, the designers have caused the access roads to have shallow zigzag patterns in them at specific intervals. This would of course discourage new training pilots from attempting on their own to land conventional aircraft on the access roads as runways. On the other hand, the various short straight stretches of the north/south access road zigzag pattern could be pressed into service as landing strips by increasingly experienced pilots trainees if too strong prevailing winds made landing on the east/west strips too problematic.

Of course the real interest is not the relatively conventional strip portion of the airfield. That is just an bonus aspect to its real covert purpose. It is the huge round raised platform area that is the real interest to us here. Can’t you just see less conventional vertical take off and landing aircraft, secret aircraft, lowering down on and lifting off that big round pad. Aircraft that aren’t to be seen by prying eyes out here in this sink in the middle of no where at an old bombing range. Highly advanced and sophisticated secret aircraft that can easily be confused with UFOs with very advanced electronic systems onboard, systems that acquire and calibrate to nearby specifically arranged objects in the terrain that form coded messaging for this purpose. Beginning to get the picture yet?

In fact, I’ll go a step further and speculate that these partially disguised multiple purpose sites may also be used both for electronic systems location/calibration as well as airfield purposes by someone who isn’t us. In other words, real UFOs. Want to bet how often some civilian in the wider general outside area of this sink has seen what appear to be strange lights passing by and/or lowering down in the distance behind the intervening foothills and mountains that surround this sink or coming up and out from this area? Some are almost certainly our secret aircraft but some may be from other origins.

Conventional airfields including military fields always collect permanent support facilities at the site such as offices, habitats, hangers, bunkers, etc. as well as aircraft and support equipment. Of course, in these days of satellite imaging with the eyes in space, such conventional support facilities give purpose away. The airfields here are designed to be clean of most of this, to eliminate the obvious, to be as covert as possible, and still be functional serving only very specialized highly advanced craft that can utilize the airfield’s special features.

For example round and wedge shaped craft with vertical landing and take off capabilities can take advantage of the round pads. Note that the mid area and northern pads have short raised extensions off to either opposite side. These can accommodate mobile support vehicles and equipment off of the main landing area that leave the site when the need for their presence is over leaving no long term evidence behind for the eyes in the sky. These can also serve as work areas for wider than long craft who’s side dimensions tend to exceed the width of the pad.

As I say engineering form must follow function. This and the extremely remote location in the sink wastes limits how visually covert these airfields can be in mimicking for example round farming fields.

As you can see in the above tenth image, each of the round pads have at their exact center a highly reflective object. This object appears to cast a shadow suggesting that it is elevated. The object is in a fat “V” shape with the point of the “V” directed west at the time the satellite image was made.

This may be a multi purpose object. It could be a light weight housing over a hard central core and this outer shell may point into the wind providing direct observation wind direction information to pilots passing over the site. It can possibly be retracted into the pad to provide an unobstructed path for conventional aircraft to cross over in taking off or landing on the strip portion of the airfield. It may also serve as a refueling and/or charging station from sources located under the pad. Finally it also likely serves as the electronic bulls eye of an electronic combat targeting system as do the pad’s concentric rings.

However, never forget that the idea of these three airfields is to be as far out of view of prying eyes as possible in a time when population density is so great and people are everywhere here in the USA and then there are of course the satellite eyes in space to consider. If there is a true UFO connection with this site, it is doubtful that even military personnel would be aware of the full implications of the nearby placement sites symbols configuration or the full covert nature of the airfields except at an upper most level.

For example, this evidence area is under the command of Naval Air Station Fallon in Fallon, Nevada to the south and known to them as the B-20 or Bravo-20 bombing range. NAS Fallon is the Navy’s premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility including the TOPGUN school. These evidence sites have long been part of their training area both in bombing and these days in air-to-ground electronic targeting among other things. I suspect NAS Fallon exercises use the facilities under discussion here and I suspect that the placement site symbols are used by them visually as well as in electronic acquisition and targeting but not physical bombing. The less suspicious person would say okay, that explains everything, and stop their thinking right there but that’s not me. Let me explain.

Further to the south of NAS Fallon in Hawthorne, Nevada is the immense Hawthorne Army Depot or HWAD. This is one of if not the largest ammunition depot in the world with thousands of bunkers and buildings. It also does a great many other things including operating as a high desert training facility as well as demilitarizing and destroying munitions and industrial equipment. As you might surmise, hazardous chemicals, etc. are among its many things as are of course containers for this stuff. Obviously one does not move toxic or hazardous materials around without tough containers.

As for the containers subject, there appears to be a large storage area at HWAD of the same type of rusty looking containers that make up the placement symbols sites and two depots in as evidenced by the above eleventh image at HWAD. As you can see, a portion of the ground at this site is rich with the rusty residue almost certainly off of these containers suggesting that the one’s that are stored there now are either stored new production ready to move out or up for destruction and/or recycling.

Please note that this yard is not serviced by railroad tracks and that the container storage area is very well organized. This tells us that these objects are transportable by lesser equipment and can be positioned in an organized manner by that equipment. This is the hallmark of organized component type storage. That would also be consistent with the evidence objects forming the symbols in Report #154 and still under examination here.

With this information in hand, it is logical to seriously consider that the rusty looking cube shaped objects making up the two depots and placement symbol sites in Report #154 are likely obtained from this not too far away HWAD much larger depot facility. Further, considering the massive amount of toxic and hazardous waste the HWAD facility must process including placing in temporary and longer term storage containers, it is also logical to suspect that the rusty looking objects in Report #154 may very well have handled hazardous waste or still contain that waste and give off a “hot” signature. If so, this would make them ideal signature reference points for very advanced electronic acquisition systems both from short range and from long range including from satellites and out in space.

Therefore, not only may NAS Fallon be using these HWAD containers for their electronic training and targeting systems, high flying spy planes circling the planet within the atmosphere and satellites in space may be using them for electronic acquisition and calibration as known fixed “hot” Earth reference points. If due to their “hot” signature they can be used by satellites, it then becomes logical that they may also be used for the same purpose by any space craft with the coded symbols cluster finding even more meaning in that function and especially if it is already some “borrowed” alien technology.

Further to the south of NAS Fallon and HWAD facilities and about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas is the Nevada Test Site where atomic bomb testing has occurred since 1951. It is also in the general location of the super secret Area 51 facility. The area from this general area up to the evidence sites are geologically characterized by ridges and dry desert valleys as well as mountains with most of the ridges oriented north and south and all areas sparsely populated. It would be just a brief hop by air to the evidence site area from Area 51. Conventional aircraft could do this relatively undetected flying low in the valleys and of course aircraft using stealth technology with a small radar signature could do this even more easily.

As for the placement symbols site, I have been contacted by a person who tells me that living in Fallon, Nv he was part of the crew that installed the objects at the primary symbols site from the depot locations to the north. He tells me that the objects in question are an in completed cardboard or plywood site for training troops. Another person also from the area tells me that these are toxic waste containers and that the symbols configuration is used in spy plane and satellites for instrument recognition and calibration. He says that these sites are scattered all over and at different elevations for this purpose.

As for the airfields evidence, I’m sure that various parts of the military would tell us the round shape of the fields appearing as an old fashioned target is intentional because that is its purpose in acting as an electronic target for combat aircraft electronic targeting systems calibration and training. The concentric rings embedded in the mid and northern pads may show up on instrument readouts to provide feedback as to degree of accuracy while the center elevated object is the electronic bulls eye.

The point that I am trying to make in repeating these comments by others is that both the remote placement symbol sites and the covert airfields together or individually could be used for many different purposes by a number of different parties wishing to do so without even normally informed others being aware of it including even under NAS Fallon’s eye. Therefore, if some person that appears to be informed says that the facilities in the middle of no where are being used for such and such purpose or not being used for such and such purpose, they may be honest and telling the truth as they know it but confined only to their limited knowledge and perspective and may not even remotely encompass the true full covert purposes. It is the nature of very compartmented covert operations.

So you see how it goes and there you have it. It’s some additional information to go along with and consider. You must decide for yourself whether it adds any insight or not. If there is an alien connection, and the possibility is there, this evidence fits in with this website’s exploration function and is something that we should all be aware of.

As for me, the moment I saw those primary placement site symbols in Report #154, I anticipated an alien language bases as well as possibly a very ancient language connection regardless of what Earth humans may be currently using the symbol(s) for. How? Instinct but primarily because of the tight clustering effect of the symbols that make up the overall symbol. All Earth human learned forms of communication string out in either a horizontal or vertical continuous configuration whereas crop circles for example likely form a tight packet cluster meaning that can be very efficient particularly in very long distance communication through both space and time without being as subject to corruption or interruption.

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For example, take a look at the above twelfth image of a year 2005 crop circle with its rigid block systems sharing a few similarities with the Report #154 primary symbols. This was sent in to me by a sharp viewer who also picked up on this relationship. Note that the design is quite plain but also very balanced. This latter balance factor is always typical of crop circles no matter how elaborate or complex they sometimes are.

The packet of information and its coded seal are delivered but Earth humans, after years of trying to understand this phenomena, remain ignorant of any meaning. Why? Clearly there is nothing coincidental about these configurations designed as they are to attract our attention. It’s likely because we think and interpret in a strung out linear fashion and someone else doesn’t. So in frustration and for feelings of safety we try to convince ourselves that two guys with some rope and boards did a crop circle during the night in the dark even though some of the more elaborate designs obviously would take so much longer than that to construct with teams of people and with such incredible flawless speed and precision. Rationalization rules but then so does crippling ignorance and when was that ever a good thing?

I suspect that the Report 154 evidence symbols are like crop circles in that they are communication in a tightly clustered rather than a linear strung out configuration. I suspect that those Earth humans who use these symbols for different electronic recognition and acquisition and secret purposes are aware that they do not fully understand them but don’t care as long as they serve their more limited purposes and perhaps even enable the occasional alien contact (?) via these remote lonely covert airfields out of sight of prying eyes and without leaving any evidence of it behind.

Come on now, can’t you just see yourself as the proverbial mental fly on the wall covertly observing these sites when heavy obscuring weather patterns move into this area? Just be sure to come prepared with some extra toilet paper just in case.

ADDENDUM 1/13/2009

Some viewers are contacting me via email to bring to my attention the information that the crop circle I’ve chosen to display as the above 12th image is an icon from the old Space Invaders game. The implication is that this is a poor choice for a crop circle and/or an outright mistake because it is a hoax and fake. There is also an entry in the website Guest Book on this. So let me clarify.

The inclusion of this particular crop circle was very intentional on my part. It and the suggestive text associated with it was designed to challenge people to think. Be reminded that this is a real crop circle and not a false photo even if the crop circle’s physical origins are naturally suspect. Just because the Space Invaders game icon was replicated in this crop circle does not necessarily conclusively mean that it was created as a hoax by humans. That would merely be a too quick assumption unless you know for sure that someone who is not us has no sense of humor.

Just as with the airfields and the symbols and their more obvious purposes as likely used by NAS Fallon flight training, one must look deeper and outside the box than the obvious. This is particularly true in the planetary evidence business. In fact, in my opinion, deeper even than Area 51 and their UFO disinformation. It is always important to stay objective. If one stops one’s thinking and search only at the obvious, full truth may forever be elusive because such truths are intentionally obfuscated and require determined digging to root them out of secrecy.

It is like an archaeologist digging on a productive ancient site dating back 6,000 years to the known beginnings of civilization. After the site is fully excavated, the prize (information) revealed, the reputation made, and the resting on the laurels begins, then along comes some junior wannabe digging a foot deeper where nothing more is suppose to be and uncovering a 10,000 year old intact library pushing back archaeology 4,000 years. Both revealed truth but which one will go down in history as the real discoverer and which the butt of jokes? Which discoverer would you want to be?

Here’s another parallel. You’re walking down a dirt road and just off the cleared roadway you see in the bushes a packet of money that turns out to be a bunch of hundreds totaling to $5,000. What do you do? Do you rush off kicking up your heels with your good fortune? Or, do you stay calm and give the entire area a thorough search to find that old briefcase burst open scattering 19 more such packets around it deeper in the bushes? Both scenarios are winners but which do you prefer?

The Space Invaders icon as a crop circle is a truth but also a distraction and likely misdirection, always try to look deeper than the obvious. It is that way with the symbols and these hidden secret airfields. They are more than they seem on the surface.

ADDENDUM 1/15/2009

Code is a key and especially binary code. Take a look at this link as a demonstration. Once that insight is digested, take a look at the crop circle links below as other examples.

Note that what we regard as the best defined crop circles are most often applied in and exist for a short while in perishable crop media under commercial cultivation. Since they are out in the open and subject to environmental conditions like weather, etc., their condition can be from pristine to poor by the time images are taken but never long lasting. The linked examples above represent what is likely code as their primary message and that can relate to the symbols code here in this reporting.

However, crop circles convey many additional recognizable as well as unknown concepts. Some of the known ones we can easily recognize like insects, animals, birds, faces, numbers, and letters etc. while others are exercises in balanced geometry both simple and incredibly complex. On the other hand, some crop circles appear to be purely the celebration of artistic expression in conjunction with balanced geometry such as the following link for comparison against the coded data.

Despite the human hoax aspect trying to muddy the water on crop circles, some of these are obviously designs backed by highly sophisticated intelligence of some kind and some of it just as obviously isn’t us. Some of them are also obviously messages meant for us or someone else or both. Just because we cannot yet understand what is going on here is not a reason to dismiss or retreat but a reason to stretch our intellect.

DOCUMENTATION This link takes you to the Google website page for downloading the Google Earth 4.3 program. This will be necessary to do Google Earth searches of this site in Nevada, USA. This link takes you to online page where you can use the same satellite imaging of Nevada that Google Earth uses and without downloading a program. I have confirmed that the same evidence is available here.

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