Contract of service

1. Parties to the contract:
1.1. This membership agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") determines the usage rules and fees between "Borderix" LLC (hereinafter “Borderix”) and the “User” who is a member of website and uses the services provided here. This "Agreement” comes into force on the date of acceptance by the "User" electronically and is valid until the termination of this “Agreement” by the parties within the framework of the rules mentioned herein.

2. Subject of the "Agreement”:
2.1. This "Agreement” covers the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties on the terms regarding the use by the “User” of the warehouse services (hereinafter the “Borderix”) provided by the “” and working with the “cloud technology” and the privacy and security of the information uploaded to the "Borderix" by the “User”, as well as the content.
2.2 “Borderix” gives its members their own address to which they can forward their Türkiye packages. Users can receive the products they ordered from this address in exchange for warehouse service.
2.3. If the "Borderix“ is opened on the name of the company, then the main customer account is marked as ”Administrator“ and by this, this account obtains the right to act on behalf of the company, and the terms of this ”Agreement" are accepted on the name of the company.

3. Rights and duties of the “User”:
3.1. The "User” must be at least 18 years to become a member of the “Borderix” and if he/she is a member, he/she declares that the age limit is in accordance with the rules of this "Agreement".
3.2. The "User” declares and accepts the accuracy of the user and company data used when registering on the "Borderix". The "User” ensures the accuracy and actuality of the name and surname, e-mail address (e-mail), Citizenship ID number, company name and other required information used when registering on the "Borderix". The "User” declares and warrants that he/she will cover all losses that may be incurred by the "Borderix" in connection with the accuracy of this data.
3.3. The "User” enters the “Borderix” with an e-mail address and a password assigned by the "User". The protection of the confidentiality of the assigned password is the responsibility of the “User”, and the activity entered and performed by indicating the relevant email address to the “Borderix” is considered to be conducted by the “User”. Any legal and other liability arising from this activity rests with the ”User".
3.4. The "User" declares and accepts that he/she will use his/her email address for all kinds of difficulties and contact and that he/she will regularly check his email address.
3.5. The username and password can only be used by the associated “User” and it is forbidden to give this information to other people. If the ”User“ determines that his/her password is used by other people, he/she should immediately inform ”Borderix" about it and change the password through a secure internet browser.
3.6. The "User" is responsible for compliance of the data stored and works realized by means of the "Borderix" with the tax, customs and other laws of the country in which the company operates. The use of the ”Borderix” for illegal activities is prohibited, and such violations are the responsibility of the ”User".
3.7. The "User” is responsible for the absence of viruses, trojans and other negative intentional/biased programs in the files downloaded to the "Borderix".
3.8. The "User” is responsible for maintaining the archive of copies of data uploaded to the "Borderix".
3.9. "User” is responsible for not using the “Borderix” for illegal purposes, complying with security measures, not uploading information to the system at times not allowed by "Borderix".
3.10. The "User“ may not in any way assign the rights and duties arising from the use of the user account and ”Borderix“ under this ”Agreement" to a third party.

4. Rights and duties of ”Borderix":
4.1. In addition to implementing all the necessary protocols, procedures and measures to prevent the loss of data existing on the "Borderix", "Borderix" does not guarantee that data loss does not occur at all.
4.2. "Borderix” is responsible for not obtaining, demonstrating and sharing the information that the "User" enters into the “Borderix” without the permission of the “User”. "Borderix” can provide the information that the "User" enters into the “Borderix” to authorized government agencies, only if required by a court decision.
4.3. "Borderix“ can make changes to the ”Agreement" without notice. After the changes are posted by ”Borderix" on the website, the first entry of the ”User“ to the ”Borderix“ is considered to be the acceptance of the updated ”Agreement“ by the ”User". If the "User" does not agree with the changes made in the ”Agreement“, he/she may terminate the ”Agreement“ in the manner specified in the next paragraphs of this ”Agreement".
4.4. In case the "User" (or the added user) violates the terms and conditions specified in this “Agreement” and website, the company may terminate the membership of the "User" or terminate this "Agreement" by terminating the use of the borderix by the "User" in the manner specified in the subsequent paragraphs of this Agreement. In this case, the company has the right to demand compensation for any damages from the “User”.
4.5. "borderix” aims to ensure that the "borderix" works on the principle of 7/24, but does not undertake its uninterrupted and error-free operation. The "User” accepts the possibility that access to and use of the "borderix" may become troubled or interrupted. ”borderix" is in no way responsible for the difficulty or timeout that may occur.
4.6. "borderix” has the right to keep the content included in the “borderix” in the database as long as the "Agreement" is in force.

5. “Payment, Refund, Exchange and Membership Freeze Rules:
5.1. It is sufficient to pay for “Borderix” services in one of the following ways:
5.1.1. The online payment method published on the website;
5.1.2. Deposit via bank account at the bank;
5.1.3. Using the on-site POS machine;
5.2. “Borderix” may make changes to the warehouse services it offers or stop any service temporarily or indefinitely without notice. In such cases, “Borderix” does not bear any legal responsibility.
5.3. “Borderix” publishes its changes in price descriptions and payment rules on the website.
5.4. Although the "User" accepts and abides by the terms, "Borderix" has the right to cancel the "User"'s membership.
5.5. "Borderix" may make changes to the services provided or may temporarily or permanently discontinue any section without notice. In such cases, “borderix" assumes no legal responsibility.
5.6. “borderix” places the changes on the price rates and payment terms on the website and in the “borderix”. The “User” who wants to change the type of subscription must make a payment according to the actual rates of that day.
5.7. Notwithstanding the fact that the ”User“ accepts and adheres to the terms, ”borderix“ has the right to terminate the membership of the ”User".

6. Term of the ”Agreement":
6.1. The "Agreement“ shall take effect from the date of the "User"'s acceptance of the "Agreement" electronically and shall remain in force until the date when one of the parties breaks the relationship in accordance with the rules of this ”Agreement".
6.2. The fact that any clause or expression of the ”Agreement“ ceases to be in force, does not invalidate any other clause or expression of the ”Agreement".
6.3. The cancellation of the ”Agreement" does not lead to the non-fulfillment of obligations to the date of cancellation. The parties are obliged to fully fulfill their obligations arising during the period of validity of the ”Agreement".

7. Copyrights:
7.1. The property of the belongs to Borderix LLC. The right to use given to the “User” does not in any way mean the transfer of ownership of the “borderix” to the “User”.
7.2. It is strictly forbidden for the “User” to try to get the source codes of the “borderix”, try to change, break or copy the codes.
7.3. The ”User“ is prohibited from using the name, logo of ”borderix“ without the permission of ”borderix".

8. Limitation of liability:
8.1. The "User” accepts that he/she has no intention to support presentation of links to other websites and/or portals, files or content that are not under the control of "borderix" or the websites to which such links are directed or persons related to them or to make any other declaration and that he has no responsibility in difficulties happening in such ways.
8.2. The "User” accepts that the services provided through the "borderix" mainly depend on the quality of the service provided by the internet provider.
8.3. The customer bears the responsibility of purchasing, storing and transporting the products that are prohibited to be sold, bought and used by the laws of the Republic of Turkey through our website and services, and "Borderix" reserves the right to destroy the products in question and notify the state institutions when irregularities are detected.

9. Privacy Policy:
9.1. Access protocols to the ”borderix“ for members of ”borderix" are built to ensure the correct implementation of confidentiality and security measures, and only the persons you allow can access the information.
9.2. The data obtained from the ”User"s is used by ”borderix“ only for the purpose of providing the service and technical support, developing the "borderix" and improving the quality of service.
9.3. The data entered when the “User” invites third parties to use the “borderix” is used only for this purpose.
9.4. "borderix” can send e-mails of information character to the "Users".
9.5. Cookies are used to capture the settings of the “User” and be able to perform some analysis. If the "User" does not want cookies to work on his computer, he can stop it from the browser settings. Under these conditions, it will be possible to use the ”borderix“, but the ”User" may face some restrictions.

10. Dispute resolution:
10.1. Disputes arising between the parties in connection with the execution of this “Agreement” are resolved with mutual consent. Disputes not resolved with mutual consent will be resolved through the courts of the Turkiye Respublic in accordance with the current legislation of the Turkiye Respublic.
10.2. Relations not regulated by this Agreement are regulated by the relevant legislative acts of the Turkiye Respublic.

11. Submission of questions on the ”Agreement":
11.1. When a question arises about this "Agreement" it is possible to contact the "Borderix" team via e-mail.