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The above 1st image appears to demonstrate a partially buried and exposed artificially constructed rather ornate bowl shaped vase or urn with raised relief writing or symbols on the side of it. This object was brought to my attention by Hugh Hoyland in California. Note that this impression of artificiality is even stronger with the closer view in the right split screen panel and you can understand why Hugh Hoyland wanted me to see it.

However, I’m going to suggest to you that this is not the object described above at all but an illusion created by ground surface features in this spot combined with rover tracks and image tampering. In the upper left corner of the left split screen panel, note the rover tracks off in the distance. Note that these tracks are actually in direct line with the object in question here. It is my contention that the horizontal banding on the “object” is actually rover tracks in the soil and that the “symbols” are debris deposited on the tracks. Add to this impression smudge image tampering mimicking soil in the rest of the nearby terrain covering the rover tracks and confining them to this one spot left out of the tampering field.

If so, that makes the urn evidence not real and that would normally be the end of it and I would just move on without reporting on this. However, as you can see, I’m still reporting on it as important. Why? It’s because it is an opportunity to demonstrate how the pervasive tampering can help create illusions like this, even unintentionally.

Note the difference in the look of the soil and rocks surrounding this urn looking visual, Obviously, the rover would have left long well imprinted tracks digging into this type of loose tender soil. The fact that it didn’t for a fairly long stretch is an important clue. I am saying that not leaving tracks in this type of soil is completely unlikely. Therefore the soil and rock visuals around this spot and between the object and the distant rover tracks in the upper left panel is false image tampering information and not real.

So, even though the evidence here may not be an artificial vase or urn, it is still evidence of subtle image tampering and important in that respect. It teaches just how good and subtle the image tampering can be in creating false terrain information even back in the time of the rover imaging. It also teaches us to always be on the alert for subtle visual scams like this with all of this official science data, at least as it has been released to the public and our scientists.

If it had not been that the wider angle view in the left panel revealed the rover track alignment between the foreground and background, we would never have known the difference. Only the wider context view and the fact that the tampering likely unintentionally surrounded, confined, and created the illusion of an urn drawing attention to this terrain site revealed what is really going on here.

I happen to be jaded from long experience and on the lookout for things like this but for every one deception that I see, you can bet that I miss many hundreds more. This should be a clue to you scientists out there that also review this data. You need to recognize that this type of intentional deception is pervasive in all the official science data and it is a serious error to accept the data at face value because someone is intentionally messing with your head and your perception leaving truth the victim.

The above 2nd image represents another different evidence in the Spirit rover imaging. It demonstrates a partially buried and viewed rounded object with equal notches and projections along its edge like those on a gear. The partial amount of it we can see sticking out of the ground suggests artificiality or perhaps even a fossil and this evidence was brought to my attention by Larry Roy.

Note how even in depth and width the dark notch spaces are, as are the accompanying solid projections separating them. This kind of object uniformity is of course not normally associated with natural rock and soil geology but rather with artificiality. Note that, although such a conclusion is less certain, there is also a very good likeness of a face in the lower left quadrant and it may be attached to the object.

Also, yes I see that the object to the immediate close right of the gear like object could be an open mouth creature of some kind. However, it also may only be a rock and such a configuration could be by chance. Because of that, it’s just too ambiguous to be trying to make a call that it is related to something that is or was alive. About all we can safely conclude here is that the gear looking object is strongly suggestive of artificiality.

The above 3rd image has a very slight false color treatment put on it by me. In my opinion this Mars evidence is of close growing ground cover type moss or lichen growth covering the terrain where the bulked up rows and folds are in evidence. Note that I reduced the size of the above image by 20% in order to show some of the rock and soil terrain off in the distance at the top of the image and note how that terrain differs from the foreground and mid area wrinkled and folded terrain.

Note the presence of many reflective rocks scattered over the distant background terrain but note their complete absence in the foreground and mid area folded terrain, That’s because the foreground and mid area terrain and any rocks that almost certainly are in it have been engulfed and covered over by the darker sunlight absorbing bio-life moss/lichen. Note also how the Spirit rover tracks on the left are showing evidence of plowing deeply through this area of bio-life covered terrain of organic matter.

The above 4th image is evidence of a similar nature here on EARTH presented to demonstrate that this type of moss/lichen is common as organic bio-life moss and/or lichen covering a field thick with rocks in Iceland. Here on Earth the primary enabler of this kind of life is the presence of consistent moisture on the geological surfaces and sunlight. Obviously that does not necessarily equate to the same enabler on another world like Mars. Even so, I suspect that moisture is the same enabling factor here on Mars as well.

I can’t be certain but I suspect that the above 5th image is the same scene evidenced in the distant background in the top of image #3 where the rover tracks can be seen to cross a dune ridge. Note that the left side of the dune ridge above has sparse dark moss/lichen growth mixed with sunlight reflective soil with less growth on it while the right side of the ridge is completely covered by denser dark growth with the ridge peak being a sharp dividing line between the two different fields.

This suggests that the probable moisture prone area likely producing the heavier growth to the right of the dune ridge top that includes the wrinkled area is likely due to moisture ladened atmospheric conditions sweeping over the dune field and depositing moisture on the surface rather than an underground moisture source. It also suggests that the dune geology particles here are nutrient heavy and moisture retentive.

The above 6th and 7th images are closer views of the rover track impressions in the terrain as the rover crossed the dune ridge. The 6th image demonstrates the rover tracks in the drier soil of the sparser growth on the left side of the dune ridge with its higher percentage of raw soil reflectivity. Note how the tracks tend to dig deeper into the dryer looser soil in this area and how the outer edges of the track and the tread imprints tend to deform and collapse not holding their shape as well. That’s because the soil is slightly dryer, loose and less cohesive.

Likewise, in the 7th image, note how the rover track tends to not cut quite as deep into the soil firmed up because it is has more organic growth matter and light moisture content in it. Note how the outer edges of the track remain sharp and the tread imprints remain more integral and well defined. In the top part of the 7th image, note how uniformly dark and sunlight absorbing that terrain is with an absence of even small rocks. This is indicative of more moisture in the soil and dark light absorbing and carpeting bio-life flourishing on it on the right side of the dune ridge and covering just about everything there.

The point here is that even this type of biological growth flourishes on dunes in places on Mars. That in turn combined with the many other examples of biological growth such as forests, lakes, and rivers presented at this website and in my book tells a story of truth. That truth is that both the Mars atmosphere and ground terrain have a lot more water moisture and biological life present than we are led to believe by the official exploration science data.

The Mars atmosphere is officially suppose to be 95.32% carbon dioxide, which is poisonous to Earth humans many times over, with the tiny 4.68% left over shared by all the rest of the many elements including water moisture as well as nitrogen and oxygen that goes so far here on Earth in enabling life. This huge CO2 percentage obviously isn’t true, so what is going on? Why is someone pretending otherwise and trying to convince us in the public of this and why aren’t scientists doing any serious questioning?

The mainstream scientists should be ashamed! Is there no one with integrity and questing minds that think for themselves? After all, the evidence right in the official science data conflicting with the official position and plenty enough of it is there for them to see just as well as it is for someone like me. Worse, even when it’s stuck in their face by public reporting like this, the response is just ignoring silence.

The sad thing is that, although one admittedly does have to figure out and interpret what is going on with this particular evidence, the evidence here is strong as to biological life right out in the open on Mars. Yet it and even stronger and more obvious Mars water and life evidence cannot or will not be seen by supposedly the best and brightest in NASA or in our best educational systems even though interpretation requires only a little common sense and logic and reason. What are we too think? Worse, what have we done to ourselves that we’ve come to such a state?

Could it be that even more obvious evidence similar to this is what that careful and subtle image tampering in image #1 is hiding in the terrain there where the “urn” is located? Remember, someone put the tampering obfuscation applications there for a reason and it wasn’t to reveal truth but to hide it.

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