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In the above first image from the M09-01322 strip the most obvious feature is a huge deep round steep sided pit with what is no doubt liquid water in a self leveling state in the bottom with a few small light reflective islands. It looks very much like a giant open well and certainly doesn’t look like a impact crater. I’ve previously reported on this huge water hole back on 3/11/2002 in my Report #034 titled “The Well of Illusion” and so I’m not going to make any more issue of this as a water site here in this report.

In that previous report, I called it the well of illusion but I did so because of the terrain in the area immediately around the water hole as seen in the above first image. Note in the image the peaked texture pattern of the surrounding terrain. Strange looking isn’t it but not really strange enough to warrant most researchers to seriously question the validity of this image as it appears at visual face value. From their point of view, since there can’t be any water on Mars and especially in a liquid state, this site can’t be water no matter how it looks like it and nothing more of importance here, so its time to move on and forget about it.

However, it is this official view and initial perception of the terrain that is the illusion because the visual appearance of the terrain as seen above is not real. Rather it is a creation of flipping and/or inverting the image both vertically and horizontally at official level introducing this rather severe visual peaked distortion almost like the image was inverted and then reconstructed. Further, all three browser compatible images accompanying this strip share this same flipped view and so there is no clue in any of them as to this being an illusion making a researcher moving on scenario even more understandable and pretty certain.

Now the above second image of the exact same scene has been flipped both vertically and horizontally by me and that’s all except for a little color added to provide better contrast and view of detail. The terrain looks a lot different now doesn’t it? The elevated peak patterns in the first image official view now become inverted downward into narrow indented spaces between objects helping define their detail and the scooped depressions between the peaks in the official view now become reversed into elevated, rounded, doomed, lumpy shapes. Even though this evidence when considered alone may not by itself be convincing of life, this is the true image evidence and these are the shapes of some kind of forest like life form on Mars as will become increasingly clearer in this and subsequent reports on similar evidence.

Now imagine yourself as a scientist researching this material. Then imagine that you’ve examined the above second image view normally in the science data (no obfuscation) and you’re also able to compare it in your head to other similar type of evidence in other multiple independent image strips drawn from the same general area out to the near right of the South Polar Cap in MSSS visual Mars Chart #30. The question is would you gradually begin to experience a growing suspicion that in this lumpy evidence you were not seeing some kind of simple inanimate geological terrain (rocks & soil) at all but some sort of densely packed life form engulfing and carpeting the true terrain below hiding it from view?

Well, maybe if you saw enough of them you might say? Yes, now you’re beginning to reveal the point. When unfamiliar looking carpeting life engulfs and spreads over a very large area, much too large an area for a single narrow-angle strip to cover in one pass, there will eventually exist over time years of many passes and multiple image strips taken of that general area revealing the life form’s presence in a steadily increasing and evolving pattern of perception as its repetitive visual life patterns present themselves over and over again and as differentiated from inanimate geology.

The secrecy agenda apparently understands this particular type of perception threat to its secrecy and does something about it. One of the many methods of doing so is to flip, invert, distort a high percentage of strips and thereby eliminate and confuse the repetitive patterns from strip to strip as experienced by researcher perception. It doesn’t work in every image strip when considered alone but it statistically works very well over many image strips and is quite effective in destroying the perception recognition of repetitive patterns from strip to strip, especially when used in combination with other obfuscation tactics not discussed here.

For example, in the case of the above M09-01322 example strip, all the available browser compatible images accompanying it were flipped and heavily distorted in this way. When researchers see this type of fake terrain repeat itself often in multiple different strips with all the accompanying images supporting it giving no clue as to differences, they begin to assume that it is some kind of natural terrain even if it looks strange and so it becomes an accepted norm in their perception. Further, this tactic is backed or at least unquestioned by sources we all traditionally regard as highly credible.

This manipulative principle is one of many ways as to how legitmate visual information is obfuscated in the planetary science data, how the science data itself is corrupted, and with the added human psychology benefit from the secrecy agenda point of view of conditioning the researcher’s brain and perception into perceiving and accepted what the secrecy agenda wants them to accept without question. Remember to that this is only one of many sets of tactics. Take this manipulative tactical principle and project it consistently down into the university training systems where future scientists and academics are getting their training (also conditioning) from trusted unquestioned sources and is it any wonder that they mature into non questioning zombies in regard to certain information subject to this conditioning. Sadly then they in turn teach it to future generations perpetuating blindness and ignorance carried right along side higher education.

But, more often only the straight strips are the primary one’s flipped because those are the ones that the scientists will by far be using the most. Why? Because it is much easier to scroll down a vertically straight strip continuously viewing content as you go than it is to laboriously scroll down, stop often, and shift position horizontally over and over in the first and second listed sinusoidal (angled) strips. Frequent stopping and starting having to horizontal position shift in just a single strip gets very old in a big hurry and quickly becomes something to avoid.

I discovered early on that in the earlier MOC image sets taken in the first years that the vertically straight strips were routinely more often than not flipped in this way and this “flaw” has never been corrected or even detected by the scientific community that I can tell. Also, although I’ve since gotten used to it, in the beginning stages of my work in this planetary imaging, it used to frustrate me when for example NASA’s PDS would delay posting this material received from JPL/MSSS for months because it all was suppose to have to pass through lengthy scientific review to make sure there were no errors or mistakes. But, when it was finally posted, it would have just about all of the obfuscation type “flaws” fully intact I’ve discovered like the flipping distortion. Now I just shake my head and realize that apparently many on the government take have to have free pay days as often as they can.

Now in some MOC image strips, the first listed sinusoidal (angled) strips do have the true non flipped orientation while only the straight strips will be flipped and distorted. In these, if the scientists were to examine the first listed angled strips, they would often see the life evidence as it truly appears, gradually remember the patterns, gradually remember the differences, and gradually become aware that the straight strips are often flipped and distorted meaning that someone is manipulated the evidence and thereby those researching in it. But, that is apparently too much to hope for I suppose.

In any case, would you care to see more of this type of very strange Mars lumpy life form bio-diversity evidence and perhaps also become gradually aware of the repetitive visual life patterns of this evidence type that the secrecy agenda tries so diligently to obfuscate and otherwise recognize what the scientists seem to be unable to? If so, take a look at the following image examples from three separate image strips and note that this additional evidence is all sourced from the same physical location just out from the South Polar Cap as the evidence in my second image here confirming of course that it is in fact the true view.

I would have presented more strip images here but the file size on this type of evidence imaging is very high, no doubt because of the individual life form object count, requiring me to limit the images and keep the size of this report and its loading time within reason. Also, although the type of life evidence presented here in this report and similar evidence in subsequent reports may often look like it belongs in a small petri dish here on Earth, this evidence isn’t from Earth now is it?

The above third image is from the M07-04841 image strip and encompasses the strip width from one side edge to the other. Note that it provides a bit closer view of the same type of evidence as in my above second image. It is a reasonably good closer view and so the objects are larger with more light reflective surfaces changing the visual pattern just a bit, so don’t get confused by a few minor appearance differences. It is the same type of forest type life evidence. Also, you should be aware that, although only the straight strip is flipped requiring correction, both the first and second sinusoidal strips have the correct orientation and confirm this same evidence in them as it appears above.

When I say forest type life evidence, I mean that it spreads over very large terrain areas sort of like unchecked forests we are familiar with here on Earth do, but the similarity most definitely ends there. With this type of Mars evidence, it appears more like aggressive mold billowing and piling on top of itself as we might expect to see flourishing in a petri dish. In fact, if you will look very close, there appear to possibly be dark upright spouts or jets doing business on the top of this stuff. If so, this may tend to support the concept that this is a cooperative collective organism based life form much like mold and propagating via ejected spores and therefore likely has nothing to do with the type of forest true vegetation we are more familiar with here on Earth.

What ever the case, one thing is for sure, the density factor is so incredibly high and visually super tight down there that there that a nickel dropped down on it might bounce and not penetrate. If so, there will not be any casual strolling along under a forest of trees contemplating one’s navel here. In fact, any unfortunate organic matter falling into this probably impenetrable”forest” might be immediately consumed as a nutrient source.

The above fourth image is sourced from the M10-01846 strip. Again the two moderately angled first and second listed sinusoidal strips confirm this as the correct orientation while the vertically straight strip has been flipped vertically and horizontally at official level. In this case, the flipping did not drastically impact the evidence’s look as it did in the first image here. Note that the evidence is also slightly different appearing than the others but it is still basically the same. Part of the difference is because this is a more distant view and the resolution in the official strip is also much poorer than in the others.

My graphics clarification work here concentrated on trying to best show the life evidence detail in its lumpy folds and shapes. However, a main reason that I included this poorer resolution compromised image was to demonstrate the presence of the more light color. This is more reflective terrain peeking through from below where the life form has not quite covered it completely over and hiding it from view. But, my trying to bring out the life detail better came at the expense of oversaturating the already light reflective terrain. The reason that I’m talking about this strip evidence over another is because it is important to understand the difference between when you are looking at more light absorbing life material and in relation to the much higher reflectivity of rock and soil inanimate geology.

Of course some will be able to discern the difference and some will not. Some will no doubt not be convinced that some of the evidence we have been looking at in the preceding images is actually some form of tortured strange rock and soil geology, perhaps just a visual slice of a wider area of volcanic rock billowing folds unique to Mars? If so, the following two evidence images below and especially the last sixth image from a different strip of the same area should help dispel some such doubts and questions.

The above fifth image from the S07-02159 strip and its very busy scene begins to provide more insight. The top evidence area of this strip not imaged here is quite similar to the others presented above but in the middle area of the strip this fifth image comes from note if you will look very close how the evidence begins to producing branching tendrils. It may continue to be strange looking but now we are clearly beginning to move away from the perception of rock and soil geology and into the realm of organic living matter. If you think that with this fifth image it is now getting harder to hold onto the strange rock and geology, then check out the next and last image below!

The above sixth image is from the same S07-02159 strip from a location just below that of the fifth image and located right down at the very bottom of the strip. In my humble opinion, anyone that can continue to hold onto the concept of this being rock and soil inanimate geology in the face of this more mature branching tendril evidence covering and hiding the true geological terrain from view will be giving hard headed a seriously new dimension. No rocket science mental acuity is needed here, only a decent eye and a little common sense! As far as I am concerned this powerful sixth image is just about as definitive evidence of living biological life on Mars and a distant planet as it is reasonably going to get in to date distant satellite imaging and especially in light of the poor quality imaging as released to us with so much obfuscation connected within it.

Again in this S07-02159 strip, the first and second listed sinusoidal/angled strips demonstrate and confirm this to be the correct orientation and the correct view of the evidence. Yes the vertically straight strip has been flipped but only horizontally (not vertically) and that wasn’t nearly enough to obscure this evidence or its type. In fact, the evidence was so clear in the flipped horizontally official version that I didn’t even both correcting it. It was a understandable obfuscation mistake considering the type of evidence and the limitation of the automated tampering software as to what it is programmed to recognize as a candidate for obfuscation but a considerable boon to my perception and now yours. Let face it, even after much perception resistance, evidence like this and others like it will eventually be a growing irritating thorn in the side of secrecy agenda as well as the science and academic communities who just cannot get down off of their much enjoyed high pedestals and bring themselves to admit that they have been had in this planetary science data and big time.

Some of you tell me you want me to take my research to newer data, particularly the Cassini and MRO probes data and get out of the now older even though still ongoing MGS MOC data. However, just as well publicized technology advancement brings increased clarity potential to planetary imaging such as touted for the newest MRO data, so does the not publicized covert technology that enables better obfuscating of it. So of course my expectations out of newer data are accordingly low. It was the same way with the one time newer Themis and ESA data. The older MOC data is committed and done along with any mistakes made in it. Further, I suspect this still ongoing MOC data is simply too massive a database to warrant the expense of going back into it and trying to clean it up again of a few mistakes like the one above as I suspect has been done with other older than the MOC data.

As many of you have come to understand, my work is about reporting truth based on hard visual planetary evidence drawn right from the secrecy agenda’s own for public consumption sanitized data. As long as I can still be successful in this methodology capitalizing on obfuscation mistakes and effectively bringing forth some real truth in bits and pieces like the above evidence, I’m not very inclined to unlock from it to fit what ever is popular in the public mind at the moment. I trust that you will understand my reasoning in this regard.

Remember, my purpose in bringing forth this kind of information is not to entertain but to bring planetary evidential truth intruding into the record and into the public consciousness whether it is wanted or not. Some, perhaps even a very many, to some degree may not want the truth and/or cannot accept it. I cannot help that bit of psychology because we are certainly each constrained as individuals by our personal views and idiosyncrasies. What I am very certain of is that sustained ignorance has never been and never will be a viable long term solution for anyone and there are a great many us out here who want truth and not lies.

The truth may not set anyone free as the saying goes. In fact it may only add the burden of increased responsibility to our lives but what I’m certain it will do is put us back in touch with reality and get at least many of us started on a reality path that deals with real issues in real time that are so far being ignored through pretense and rationalization. That path is where genuine solutions actually have a chance of flourishing and I’ll take it over ignorance any day. How does the song go, oh yes “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” Does that pathetically describe us? Surely we are more complicated and worthy than that!

Many of us out here in the public are compelled to know. We chaff mightily at being held back and it is for those types that this growing evidence record exists as a beacon in the dark of night’s ignorance, rationalization, and manipulation. One way or the other, the sleeper in us must collectively awaken! If not via the turn around and help of our own people, then via the invitation of who ever else will help us. One way or the other, this particular kind of ignorance and its imprisoning chains must fall away.

DOCUMENTATION This link takes you to the official M09-01322 narrow-angle MGS MOC science data image strip that is the source of my first and second images here in this report. This link takes you to the official M07-04841 narrow-angle MGS MOC science data image strip that is the source of my third image evidence here in this report. This link takes you to the official M10-01846 narrow-angle MGS MOC science data image strip that is the source of my fourth image evidence here in this report. This link takes you to the official S07-02159 narrow-angle MGS MOC science data image strip that is the source of my fourth image evidence here in this report.


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