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I am receiving email inquiries about what I think will be happening with the upcoming Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) when the time for it comes. Here are some quick basics on my thoughts as to the upcoming mission.

The launch date is scheduled for June 2, 2009 or thereafter. The satellite is to establish a low orbit around the Moon surveying from a close distance of only 50 km or a little over 31 miles. The survey will be for one year.

The purpose of this mission as stated is different than other Moon missions. The basic purpose of the earlier more brief missions was to just achieve getting to the Moon and back to demonstrate that we could do it, do a few experiments, and to visually survey the surface including the back side. However, this upcoming LRO mission goes to the Moon to assess the environment for the future establishing of a long term base of operations there to test Earth’s advancing technology and to serve as a jumping off place for Earth manned spreading out presence into space starting with Mars. That makes it very different.

This prospect of future manned extended exposure on the Moon means the necessity of assessment of the radiation, ultraviolet, and temperature environments for Earth humans and that capability will be part of the mission. In addition to these assessments, the mission will include very fine laser mapping data of the surface depths and elevations and radio frequency probing of the more hidden depths and interiors that the line of sight laser cannot reach into. Can you imagine the kind of surface and interior detail that may come back to someone here on Earth from mapping the huge massive structures on the Moon even though most here (you and I) are likely never intended to see it?

Also onboard will be the all-important visual Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera or LROC. It is supposed to take high resolution black and white images of the Moon’s surface with resolution down to 1 meter or 3.28 feet from that close 50 km or 30 mile distance. It is also supposed to take color and ultraviolet images. Please note that this 1 meter camera resolution would easily reveal the presence of a small bed or someone’s large travel trunk as a measure of comparison.

You do believe now don’t you that we are going to see that kind of imaging released for public consumption? Can’t you just imagine images with that much detail of those huge massive towers on the Moon that have prior to this been thoroughly obscured by object specific blur and smudge image tampering applications in the Navy’s Clementine imaging or the tall massive objects seen in the distance on the horizon in other earlier Moon global imaging? Since these mile or miles high objects will be that much closer to the camera and so massive, their top areas would provide even greater detail of even smaller objects.

In other words, if the orbiter can last for a while sending back its data stream and assuming someone else not us is there on the Moon, the convert intelligence gained of someone else’s technology will be tremendous if it isn’t cloaked or otherwise force field obscured. Yes, as you can see, I suspect someone here is at minimum via covert assessment technology trying to take advantage of a very close 30 mile above the Moon’s surface orbit that they have no intention of publicly reporting on truthfully. I say “trying” because I also suspect they are pushing the envelope with respect to trying someone else’s patience and tolerance level.

What must be understood is that the Moon cannot be claimed by us by right of just simple near proximity. That doesn’t count for much. According to the obscured structure evidence, the Moon has likely been someone else’s home for a very long time. Further, that same structure evidence indicates that they have far more than enough technological capability to defend their territory from us should they decide to go that route. Based on the apparent historical minimal interference with us, the only advantage we may have is that they may be resigned to eventual peaceful interaction with us on some level and, anticipating that, are thereby tolerant to some degree of what we do, including our living in denial as to their presence.

I suspect that this mission is at minimum looking for technology intelligence with instant transmissions down to Earth should the mission suddenly and untimely “fail” at some point. Such failure likely depends on how tolerant (or not) someone else sees the Earth satellite passing just 30 miles above their heads and whether they regard the military assessment aspect of our LRO probe to be a threat to them or something they can control and allow.

Now the current level of our unimpeded high resolution satellite imaging technology at 30 miles distance with no obscuring atmospheric occlusions would allow the afore mentioned normal size objects to be seen at ground level in reasonable detail. Further, the mission statement says that the LROC cameras will be in color as well. On the other hand, they’ve said that before while delivering only black and white or false color crap images for public consumption. If the mission does survive to the 1-year completion, you can bet that the only images that will be publicly released will be false artificial texture graphics probably already created for this purpose and waiting to be employed. Remember, I warned that this type of complete substitution of false for real was coming.

In my opinion, but admittedly lacking in enough definitive information, this mission appears to be a gamble and a throw of the dice. If it is regarded as too intrusive by whoever is on the Moon, I don’t think it will generate outright aggression but it may initiate sudden forced contact on a global scale here on Earth to counter measure our hidden leaders addiction to the wide-spread secrecy and control. Surely they have thought of this but I begin to wonder if they have properly calculated this risk?

If open contact on a mass scale happens here on Earth suddenly, given how clueless most in the mainstream population are here, we’re right away in for the sudden collapse of secrecy in the manipulated mainstream population psychological stronghold, a roller coaster of fear emotion as they begin to wake up, the demise of secrecy control, and social upheaval until this is sorted out.

On the other hand, maybe they have advance knowledge that whoever is there will permit some of our temporary bases in the lesser populated Polar Regions? Who knows but it looks an awful lot like playing with fire to me. Of course if you’re the type that just can’t grasp those huge massive structures hidden in the Navy Clementine Moon imaging and their implications, then you may see it otherwise.

Click here to go to the official NASA website & information on the LRO 

Joseph P Skipper – Mars Anomaly Research

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