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I have been asked for my opinion as to what I think on the Presidential elections coming up in a few days on 11/2/04. Obviously, neither my investigative background nor any research abilities that I may have, do not necessarily equate to an informed insightful opinion on such a sociopolitical event. Further, you can bet that any opinion of mine with my penchant for independent thinking outside the box will be representative only of myself. Still, I am asked for this and so here is my response while at the same time trying not to step on too many toes and get myself and this work involved in pointless and time consuming side debate issues.

Both Bush and Kerry certainly want very much to be our next choice for President as evidenced by their hard fighting for it. For the most part, Democrats Kerry and Edwards of course represents a more liberal point of view and Republicans Bush and Cheney a more conservative point of view while the more moderate middle between these sides really have no choice at all. Normally, when we vote, we consider ourselves voting for both the person and the ideologies they espouse to us. But, in reality we are also voting for the much lesser known party systems goals and the financial moguls special interests behind them that have together enabled these men to get to where they are and to which they are significantly indebted.

Each of these men want to be President but is their desire primarily based on deep seated belief systems or differing beliefs of their own? As for me, I seriously doubt that of any modern candidates. Like most politicians and celebrities, such candidates are often extroverts more motivated by personal insecurities and compensating egos fulfilling a personal need to be recognized and validated from without, if it cannot be from within. Such people are often basically opportunists that capitalize on any tools at hand that obtain the expedient personal goal and just as quickly discard any that do not serve that end.

Often such men do not carry within them a real wisdom or vision of their own. That is often supplied by others and then worn by them as one wears a cloak or costume to get elected. Their strength is derived from and dependent on their associations with others. As years go by, the costume gradually becomes more deeply tangled in with their persona for all perceptual surface purposes but will still often quickly fall apart in the face of real adversity because it is not really a integral part of them or their character.

Their primary talent is concentrated in their social popular appeal and the ability to get popularly elected with a little help from their “friends.” However, the deeper power is less visible buried out of public sight within the party systems. Beyond that, the even deeper power is in the financial and industrialists special interest moguls behind the party systems. Elect the one and you get the whole of the iceberg, including that huge portion that you can’t normally see.

Such candidates are often picked and groomed for rolls as actors and public faces and chosen for their “cooperative” qualities. They are essentially “yes” men but also men with personality, charm and a certain amount of charisma as perceived by the public. Their platforms or apparent beliefs are often dictated by the deeper embedded power structures behind them and do not too often come from within them. In other words, they are just the face of the power and not the real power itself.

It is not easy to judge people, our own complexity as humans is often hard for even us to understand. For example, and this represents no association in any way with the current Presidential election or candidates and this is just an aside, consider the primary political mover behind Hitler’s “Final Solution” horror for the Jews and others during World War II. He was a polite, excellent, caring and loving family man at the same time as he was contributing to the murder of millions. If any of us had known him socially during that time, I suspect it would have been very difficult to accept his major involvement in that horror. The point is that it just isn’t easy to judge anyone, especially if they are sending us the kind of signals on the surface communication levels that we want to hear.

People with their own wisdom and vision are more powerful and independent types that can catch and hold voter’s attention often resulting in their being elected by wide margins and with strong mandates in the form of backing by the people. That kind of mandate based on real independence of thought can potentially upset the “system’s” apple-cart and is to be avoided from the system’s point of view. Close elections like this up coming one and the last one actually serve the interests of those really in power because of its lack of mandate for anyone coming into office. It reinforces the concept that any elected official’s fortunes continues to be significantly dependent on and tied to the “system,” its money, its power, and its goals. This insures “cooperation” regardless of who gets elected.

The net result is that the one you vote for is not the real policy that is elected into office. So, voting for one side or the other is like voting for Janus the two headed God. Regardless of which different face presented you vote for, they are attached to the same common body and head. So, if the hidden from public view financial moguls are really the one’s behind both the party systems or at least in control of them, voting for either candidate preference means the same policy is voted in and that policy is often not the one we thought we were voting for.

For example, with respect to the secrecy agenda and lack of truth in space exploration, it makes little to no perceivable difference whether you vote in Republicans or Democrats. The same secrecy prevails under either administration regardless of professed conservative or liberal leanings or philosophies and this to is telling evidence, when there is never any real change in policy. The faces we elect do not decide, the common body underneath that rarely changes does the real decision making.

Many of us lament the lack of adequate choices in these elections. We want choices that we can have confidence in and get behind and give a clear mandate to and we’re much frustrated when this isn’t forthcoming and our choices are severely confined and, worse, to fit someone else’s hidden agendas. This is where our desires and those of the current “system” definitely diverge as they have no desire to see a President elected that may be too independent of their power and influence.

All I can say is that, if we want this to change in the longer run beyond the scope of this current election, we’re going to have to demand it via popular action. If necessary, we may want to possibly create different party structures that can be assured to be more responsive to the people’s desires and popular demand. What could be more representative of a true Democracy in action?

Meanwhile, it is hard to have respect for “cooperative” candidates that are able to climb to the top of the current severely flawed and constrained process in being presented up as an election choice or for the “cooperative” party structures that generates them. Such dishonesty, misdirection and manipulation veiling hidden agendas demonstrates some serious individual and system flaws and weaknesses. Some might call this overly cynical but I just regard it as being simply realistic.

Even so, your vote still does count now. Just don’t make too much expectations out of it or rationalize on what you are really getting. We are still all participants in this process and the current system still must pay attention to which direction your voting takes. If you are reasonably satisfied with the current course of things, then you have little choice for whom to vote. If you are not satisfied with the current course and/or any perceived intractability in the consideration of a change in the current direction, then you again have little choice for whom to vote. They are your only current choices and that is by carefully managed intent.

Still, even under the current manipulative system, your vote and the numbers in one corner or the other will influence the current system’s future planning direction and thereby directly impact all our lives. They also have no choice and must adapt their future planning to your will as it is perceived by them, so your vote and the direction it points in is definitely not wasted. Vote, let your voice be heard, and influence the direction of your future and that of your children. Just one person’s opinion.

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