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This extraordinary evidence is drawn from the NASA/JPL/MSSS official MGS MOC M04-02097 narrow-angle science data image strip and of course confirmable and verifiable in same. In my above first image shown at the official image standard resolution size, the most striking discovery here is this unusual dome with the dome outer cover material wrapped around and anchored to the upper portion of this immense tower offset to the left side of the dome and sticking up above and through it.

Note that the tower at its very top is characterized by wide platform while the dome material attached to the tower and extending to the right of it demonstrates a large clear and obvious fold in its surface that extends up to and wraps around the tower near its top. Less obvious is a second fold immediately behind the most obvious one in the forefront. I regard this as some of the most powerful, verifiable and telling evidence of artificiality and civilization to come out of the MGS MOC science data. It is so obvious and revealing that little really needs to be said about it by me.

The above second image at double the zoom factor shows more detail but of course at the expense of the image also having more grain in it. The top of the tower probably had geometric rectangular structures on it because most the top center surface has been obliterated by a dithering and tiny puffs of direct imaging tampering application hiding what ever is there. In my opinion, it is very likely that this immense massive tall tower with its widen top platform area elevated well above the dome acts as a landing pad and/or access down inside the tower and therefore access to the interior of the dome for air traffic coming in or taking off at a more or less straight up or down angle.

This speculation isn’t that far out because evidence of this type of aircraft access to tall ground based structures has already been reported on. As an example, take a look at my report #004 titled “Aircraft, Buildings & Other Anomalies.” Although a great deal of carpeting smudge tampering hides most of the base and side areas of the tall round ground based structure, the top of the structure with its hollow center area and the aircraft in flight just over it can be seen.

What is so unusual about this dome over other domes I’ve reported on is of course the tower located within the dome perimeter offset to the side and how the opaque not completely clear dome material wraps around and anchors to the tower. This process created folds in the material of the dome cover top surface with the largest and most obvious fold essentially serving as a heavy curved doubled support beam spanning and reinforcing the dome’s open interior space to our right of the tower.

It is a very interesting solution to incorporating this immense tower within this dome’s huge sealed confines. The presence of the folds demonstrates that the dome cover material was probably manipulated when it was in a more pliable state. This as opposed for example to piecing it together from smaller components or heating specified areas into pliability and then manipulating them. If so, that clearly demonstrates some very much advanced dome construction, dome materials, and dome materials handling technology to say the very least.

Since this object is so much larger than anything else seen on this wide flat plain by many times over, one can only speculate as to its true purpose. Is it a seat of political power? Is it an airport? An airport with a self contained environment accommodating more straight down landing and straight up taking off aircraft and therefore very unfamiliar to us because we are so used to seeing long strips accommodating airfoil glide and lift type aircraft that need long horizontal slow down and take off lengths? Or, is this a heavily armored self contained military facility strategically located in and serving this area of civilization?

You should know that the visual appearance of the terrain this huge object sits in and dominates is for the most part not real. Rather, it is a story of severely degraded resolution and image tampering dark to medium color applications. Most of the multitude of dark areas you see here are darker image tampering placed as a great many tiny dobs and ditherings of featureless smudge on single objects as well as chains or cluster of objects giving the dark tampering texture a very grainy but featureless appearance. The larger blobs cover larger objects or chains or clusters of objects and smaller applications cover just about everything else.

The net effect of this combination of degraded resolution and direct object specific tampering applications is not only to hide the evidence itself but to also to destroy recognition of any possible familiar size frames of reference. This helps disguise the fact that this scene is much more distant than it appears and with degraded resolution on top of that. For example, a 10-story building would be very tiny in this scene and the larger blobs of dark tampering seen would represent a size scale many times greater than that. This realization also means that the dome and tower is much larger than it appears here.

One reason that I’m going into this is to help you understand that this dome complex we can see here is actually the size of a medium size city. In fact, one reason that we can see it at all is that it is so large that is overcoming the severely degraded resolution tampering allowing us a fuzzy look at it. Another reason is, as I have indicated in other reports, the automated tampering software is designed to circle around crater’s rounded exterior terrain and inside on the interior terrain but leave the ridge highlands out.

Fortunately for us, the roundness of craters and a dome like this (provided it is occluded and no geometric forms can be clearly seen inside) are similar enough to fool the software, at least in its earlier stages of development up through the earlier MOC imaging. Even so, the dark ring around the base area of the dome is itself a tampering application cover, so there probably was originally some geometric structures seen there just outside the dome perimeter by the software.

There is another issue to consider here. What you see constituting the terrain out and beyond this dome/tower structure is essentially the same terrain as in the entire strip right off the edges with a few minor exceptions. That amounts to a very large area. On the surface, the secrecy agenda would no doubt have us interpret this as just a rough but fairly level natural geology as it has been designed to be perceived. However, this immense dome/tower complex is not sitting in the middle of geological nowhere all alone by itself.

This plain the complex is sitting in is filled with anomalous evidence but mostly hidden by the extensive object specific image tampering applications. Some of it is darker color but much of it is a light highly reflective color. Light color objects blur much more significantly when subjected to the resolution degradation tampering technique as well as color over saturation than darker color objects.

Also, one of the reasons there are only a total of three images in this report is because each image is including a lot of this terrain and each consists of unusually large file sizes quickly eating up display room. What does this mean? As I’ve indicated in other reports, irrespective of the covering tampering applications that visually obscure this scene to the human eye, the graphics software sees through this tampering application to a great many hard objects with spaces between them that our naked eye cannot see and counts them resulting in abnormally very high detail and abnormally large image file sizes. Natural terrain, even very rough detailed terrain, does not have this effect and I regard this to as very telling evidence.

The above third image demonstrates a sample of some of this tampering evidence at a 260% zoom factor. In the lower left corner, you can see the larger wad of dark direct object specific tampering application with the text labeling on it. This tampering application has been applied to a group of very large and tall light color structures the tops of which can be seen just over and behind the top of the tampering. Even though the scene is very grainy and blurry, very close examination will reveal this.

Near the upper right corner is an even larger wad of tampering with more text labeling on it that appears to be in the shape of a upright dog’s head with its mouth open, a dark left eye, and the neck sticking out of a light color collar on the ground. This is an illusion caused by the tampering application covering a string of larger light color structures behind it. However, it is also possible that this tampering application is conforming the general shape of a very large monument in the foreground in an animal head configuration.

In the terrain between these two described large wads of tampering is a broader field of shorter smaller geometric structures. They are mostly obscured by too much resolution degradation and direct object specific blobs of tampering application but you can still see some of their basic geometric shapes and patterns. Very close careful examination will reveal a few geometric dark rectangular upright structures very suggestive of buildings not quite obliterated by the tampering. This type of evidence is typical of the entire original strip as to what is really on this plain around this great dome and tower.

So, far from sitting alone in a wide expanse of natural relatively level geological plain, this dome/tower complex is actually only a small part, even if gigantic and dominating in size, of a broad far reaching area of dense civilization evidence heavily obscured by image tampering. This is the way it is in the Mars satellite imaging. The tampering techniques are many and varied and very thorough and successful but occasionally we get lucky with a small flaw in the software and see a little something real.

By the way, in my previous older year 2000 report on this evidence, I reported on some possible large artwork in this strip. With my increased experience at this Mars satellite imaging, I am going to back off of that call. The patterns there that led me to that previous conclusion are interesting but too marginal and too large once one understands the true scale in this strip. At this point, although they may very well be artwork, I cannot say what those patterns are with any reasonable sense of conclusiveness and so I’ve left them off this updated report.


(1) The huge dome is extraordinary hard evidence of artificiality and civilization.

(2) The massive tower is extraordinary hard evidence of artificiality and civilization.

(3) Together they represent highly advanced materials and construction technology.

(4) Very extensive map type tampering is also evidence of “something” worth hiding.

DOCUMENTATION This link accesses the MGS MOC official M04-02097 narrow-angle science data image strip from which the above anomalous dome and tower evidence is drawn. Note that the first listed JPEG and second listed GIF angled strips there offer a flipped view of this scene that severely distorts the anomaly site, no doubt explaining why so many missed this evidence. Choose the third listed browser compatible straight and much larger view but slower loading GIF strip for the correct orientation that also agrees with the raw science data strip (that strip is not browser compatible) orientation and for its higher detail content. This strip will provide the same view size as in my first image here and, even though not quite as clear, it will still confirm and verify this evidence in detail for you. The anomaly site is about a third of the way down the strip on the left and the dog’s head shape site is just below and slightly to the right of that.

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