Mirror of Cydonia: A Mars/Earth Connection

This article will demonstrate that there is an apparent connection between the complex where the ‘face’ is to be found on Cydonia, Mars – located at 41°N latitude – (see figures 1 above & 2 below) and the Avebury complex,

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News about Kofun Tomb like structure

New details on this particular site, the video shows  around the structure and compares with a similar construction in Japan. The following video highlights a figure inside the squared area in red.


By Martian Archaeology This vista from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows “Wdowiak Ridge,” from left foreground to center, as part of a northward look with the rover’s tracks visible at right.

Mars Cloudy Face

Cloudy Day  was published in uahirise.org 21 March 2012 in reference to ESP_025914_2540 image, the post includes a video about clouds over the referenced area however there is something else that didnt go

Mars Walled City

This NASA/JPL SOL 1099 The image apparently shows an area limited by old walls, very worn, you can see entrances. This is what we could call a medieval city here on Earth.