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Okay, “A Call To Action” is a little extreme and not literal but figuratively speaking here. Let me explain. This website now has sufficient verifiable anomalous evidence and the book loaded with even stronger Mars surface water and bio-life anomalous evidence is now published with no more reason to be so covert trying to protect it and get it released. This powerful evidence record so contrary to what we’ve been fed about Earth human space exploration is now in place and via the preponderance of evidence it is now ready to be used.

This evidence record is the ammunition needed, ready, and waiting for concerned independent and truth seeking people around the world like you to use to break the chains of control others have imposed on us for so long. The time has come for all of you independent thinkers out there to fish or cut bait as the saying goes rather than just observe and wait on others to do things for you.

What I’m talking about here is for viewers to now start becoming directly involved in a spontaneous movement of your own. Doing what you say? The answer to that is relentlessly sending emails in the weeks and months ahead to every media outlet you can think of around the world and be sure to include in each of your emails the following links.

mars biolife samples
book water forests

The first link is to my Report #200 on the Mars bio-life samples and the second link is to Report #199 on the Mars surface water samples compared with Earth samples. The third link is to the intro page for acquiring the book and becoming exposed to its evidence. The idea is to begin generating initial mainstream interest in this evidence with these two sample reports that are strong on evidence but not too long to inhibit too many from actually looking them over.

The plan is to direct emails with the above quick links to the media organizations large and small attempting to persuade them to get at least this sample visual evidence in front of their audiences. Rejection will no doubt be the norm and especially to begin with but some will begin to run this material in response to a determined campaign.

The goal is to eventually bring enough of the mainstream public onboard to join us in doing this. Shocked and incredulous, they will demand answers of both their political leaders and the scientists. Believe me, this kind of growing spontaneous movement pressure will not be lost on the secrecy types as what has been happening in north Africa and the Mid-East has amply demonstrated to them. As the pressure grows and undermines, the resolve in their ranks will begin to crumble and the closer we’ll be getting to the release of the real unobfuscated space exploration data with all of its truths. That is the goal, the truth.

In this call to arms and action, many of you following this work are members of organizations that can also be influenced to participate in this. After all, a few emails a week does not cost anyone money, only a little time and effort that is well within every individual’s capacity. This personifies the Planetary Truth Project (PTP) concept but does not really require its organization unless you prefer to operate in a context with others of the same mind and on the same mission.

I’m challenging you to start doing this now for your own sake, not mine. I’ve worked hard for you and sacrificed much in making this evidence and its questions available. Now it’s time to see if you are motivated enough to step up and take action of your own like those independent types in north Africa and the Mid-East? Are they better than you and I or are we all cut from the same cloth? At least we will not likely have to go to war and risk our lives to press our point in putting a stop to the secrecy and its tyranny.

Only numbers will impress the secrecy types and only you can do anything to provide that with a sustained effort as described here that will almost certainly last for many months. If you aren’t sufficiently motivated and will not do this to help yourself and the generations to come, then we all deserve what comes. People that will not help themselves cannot be helped. Remember, freedom is not free and must be earned and then guarded. Truth in this situation is like that as well.

What will you do? If you decide to step up as a lone individual as I have done these last 11 years, go to the Planetary Truth Project website page for information as to how to proceed. If you want to be part of a larger group of individuals and operate within that context, go to the Alien Anomalies Forum page but only after soaking up the PTP page and its information.

If you like, there at the forum open a dialogue with others and coordinate with them. Remember that you don’t have to get along with others in the movement in order to be effective. We are after all a collection of individuals with many different personalities and ways of viewing things. Just focus on the task at hand and never mind counter productive emotional reactions to the personalities of others.

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