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The above four evidence images are all of different isolated facilities within the general area and sphere of influence of the famous Area 51 and therefore assumed to be secret facilities. On one side to the northeast (upper right) is the atomic bomb Nevada Test Site and further beyond that the more public face of the Area 51 facility. Nearby on the other side to the southwest (lower left) are more visually obscured Area 51 facilities and futher beyond that Death Valley. Directly west (left) and relatively nearby are the Yucca Mountain subterrainum facilities likely servicing these sites via a dedicated railroad line and beyond that volcanic cones indicating that this area has been geologically active at some time in the past.

The above fifth image shows the locations of these four isolated from each other sites but still relatively nearby each other in a general group. Note that they are all connected by vehicle roads. The dark line you see in the above image is a relatively short railroad line dedicated just to these facilities indicated the need for heavy bulky transport and likely underground access. Note the shape of the railroad lines as this will be needed in searching the site in the wider context image below.

The above sixth image provides a wide area context view to help you locate the general evidence site on Google Earth. The position of the evidence area pointed out by the red arrow relative to other security areas of signifcance and fame are also shown with my labeling as reference points and to show the kind of company these facililties in this area keep. As you can see in the first four images of the four different facilities above, the Google view is relatively clear showing fair detail of the larger objects. Nothing to hide here right? Well we’ll see.

Now while in Google Earth I’ve been taking some short tours around a few security sensitive facilities like these and military bases, Right away I began to notice a problem common to most such sites and nearby civilian areas as well. The problem was that power poles and tall trees are not throwing any apparent shadows. Now it isn’t likely but it is possible that the resolution is just too poor with Google Earth to see the shadows of such tall narrow objects like poles. However, it drew my attention and so I kept looking closer finally coming to the conclusion that finding a shadow for a power pole or tree in these areas is rare. As an example of this, look closely in the above third image at the many power poles and you’ll see what I mean.

Further, the tall narrow power poles that can be seen are all dark in color. Part of that may be because the poles are so thin and narrow in the poor imaging but that can’t explain all of it. So I paid more and more attention to shadows of all varities of objects and soon came to the conclusion that a great many are problematic. However, if I report on this with only this kind of evidence, too many will not be able to recognize it and question the truth of it and of course question the credibility of my reporting. So I kept looking and waiting for something more obvious to show itself that all could see and now we have it in the above first four images.

That incredibly obvious evidence it turns out are the water towers at each of these four facilities and all showing the same time of day sun angle for good A-B comparisons. Note that the water tank tower skeletal support structures in the first four images here may be similar to the tall skinny power poles but the nice fat bulky tank on top of the tower blocking the sunlight itself is a whole different matter providing significant shadow that can’t be missed.

Now water towers around the USA come in a large variety of shapes and designs but note that all four of these designs share essentially the same utilitarian rounded dome design. The only real difference are that some at these four facilities are much taller than others. All put a water storage tank at the top of skeletal tower on four spread out legs and fed by a central water delivery pipe. The taller the tower, the more the gravity pressure. Each foot of height provides about 0.43 PSI (pounds per square inch) increase of pressure via gravity flow.

The above seventh image demonstrates a real water tower of the same shape and design as the secret facilities but in a small purely civilian coastal town in North Carolina known as Kill Devil Hill. You have the ground level view upward of the water tower on the left and the same water tower on the right throwing its dark shadow in the Google Earth satellite view.

Note that just about all of water towers of this design are painted a light reflective color and are made of metal. That color is to keep the water in the tank cooler. A black or dark painted tank would result in solar heated water and expansion that would soon endanger bursting the tank from the inside out. This observational reality is directly applicable to identifying the secret facility dark color water tanks reported on here as either dark shadow only or entirely fake and not real at all.

With that thought in mind, some may want to insist that there is a real water tower present at these secret facilities and that we can’t see it because we are looking directly down on it. Please note that all these tower designs share a common four leg skeletal support tower structure that is wider at the base ground level and tapering to the tank on top in this design. This is necessary for stability and especially in the presence of stronger winds up high at the top where the water tank bulk is at.

That means that even looking straight down dead center on the top of the water tank, the skeletal support structure is still going to be visible sticking just out beyond the water tank perimeter. Even though there is a bit of an angle, the above North Carolina example demonstrates this spread leg support system principle as seen from above and it is also visually confirmed at each of the secret facilities here. Further, in that example, please note that there the true metal tower leg connects with the ground that is also the exact origination point of the shadow that it generates.

You will note that none of this is present in the first four images of the secret facilities. Note also that the upright water tower skeletal supports are all readily visible in the first four images of these secret facilities and they are comparable with the upright power poles. So where are the power pole shadows?

Also, in all the first four images above please note that the water tanks on top of the towers are always black in color. Now this is the southwestern part of the USA. It is not too far northwest of Las Vegas and southwest of this site is nearby Death Valley. In other words, this area is some of the driest and hottest in this country in the summer. You don’t really think these conventional looking water tanks are painted black do you? If so, from solar absorption, the water inside them would almost be very hot and there would quickly be internal expansion to the bursting point.

Even if they were illogically painted black, then where are their also black shadows on the ground??? As you can see, there is only the one water tank outline at each facility and no secondary outline. Since nearby light reflective buildings are seen to be throwing shadows at all of the facilities, that means that such tall water tank bulky top objects not reflecting sunlight and throwing similar shadows is quite impossible. That in turn means that something is seriously and obviously wrong here.

In my opinion, what we are looking at here in all four images is the shadows themselves and the true sunlight reflective water tanks and their structures have been removed from the scene. In fact I suspect that all true sunlight reflective objects have been removed from these scenes mistakenly leaving the original shadows behind and fake sunlight reflective objects have been substituted in their place. It’s just that no one bothered to deal with the shadows of lesser importance objects like poles, towers, smoke stacks, etc. because they probably thought we’re all too stupid to pick up on this. Can you imagine such idiotic arrogance!

The 4th image is a good example. The tower there is very tall, the image is fairly clear, and there is absolutely no light reflective water tower present to generate that big shadow. However, in this image, it gets worse. On the left you see the very tall but dense shadows thrown by what is almost certainly big smoke stacks and yet no light reflective smoke stack objects are present. Please note that there is a railroad line and train present snugged up to the left side of this large facility. That would be consistent with a heavy industrial operation here as would be the case as indicated by the big smoke stack shadows. By the way, do you believe the deep large shadows thrown by this very large building don’t you?. My close inspection suggests that these shadows are fake.

The strange thing is that all this subterfuge has been done primarily for the benefit of those civilians populations using public services like Google Earth. These manipulative illusions have no impact for example on major foreign governments or militaries. Why? Because they have their own satellites taking images of these facilities. They are seeing the real un-obfuscated truth as to what is in these locations at far better resolutions than available to us here, that is if anything above ground represents truth. Further, there is no chance that these crude, inept, mistake prone visual manipulations seen here in this reporting would even remotely fool a foreign junior satellite image interpretation analyst. Obviously, these illusions are mostly for mine and your public benefit designed to prevent you and I from seeing what ever truths are to be seen in these places on the surface.

In case you might want to believe that this subterfuge, if not meant for foreign governments or militaries, might be for the benefit of private interests in other parts of the world not connected to government or militaries, then think again. If they have the money to pay for it, they too have available to them many private source satellite images with resolutions many times greater than what you and I see here on Google Earth. Their image resolution may allow them to see someone sitting inside a vehicle and easily identify the vehicle itself while we here in the public are relegated with Google Earth to not even being able to identify it as a vehicle versus something else. In fact, speaking of vehicles, please note that they are almost universally and conspicuously absent from all these four sites. You believe that don’t you?

The bottom line is that, while a measure of secrecy at such sites might be understandable, why are these illusions directed essentially at a nation’s own civilian population? What here is so important (or damning?) that it must be hidden from one’s own publlic in this particular way via fake and costly illusions? Remember, this area could have just been blanked out without going to the increased trouble and expense of trying to manipulate populations into believing something is here that isn’t really there and that everything is just find and dandy.

Further, what does this say about the secrecy types attitude toward the populations they are suppose to be a part of and serve in what is suppose to be a democratic republic? People that aren’t slipping and sliding don’t need to convince their own populations that they aren’t slipping and sliding in some manner and should welcome oversight. For example, in the current media attention, people that aren’t torturing others do not need to convince their populations that they aren’t. If you aren’t doing it, then why object to open inspections and investigations.

I know that some of you may be regarding this line of investigation as unpleasant and/or uncomfortable and thinking that this evidence ranges too far afield from planetary exploration evidence. So why am I going here in this direction? The fact is that it couldn’t be more directly applicable. It examines a state of mind that has grow up in the heads of those doing space exploration that are suppose to be on our behalf but apparently isn’t. Worse, this has been going on for decades effecting many generations. When you and I are looking at those first four images in this report, we are not looking at any truths at all, only literally at best faint shadows of it.

What we are looking at is deceit, lies, misdirection, and disinformation to intentionally keep us ignorant, quite, trusting, and the cash and blood flowing to support someone’s self interests rather than ours collectively as a republic. Those doing this are not subject to sufficient population checks and balances. They feather their nests and squander billions and trillions of our resources and do highly questionable things in their addiction while so many of us suffer and do without. This goes on even to the point of risking in their greed and paranoia destroying the very goose and the republic system that lays the golden eggs.

It isn’t just right here on Earth under our noses as evidenced representatively by the above first four images, space exploration and the resulting evidence record associated with that is riddled with the same thing. In fact, this disceit and subterfuge constitutes by far the greatest bulk of the space exploration record as revealed to the public. Do you really see any difference between the representative revelations in the above first four Earth images with their glaring inept obfuscation mistakes versus the equally poor obfuscation and misdirection in 1960s Moon data as per Report 152 or the evidence you’ve seen at this site from Mars. Do you really think anything has changed in this regard since the 1960s and before?

Yes, we need to be able to trust but that trust must be placed where it is earned and belongs. After so many decades of this corruptive behavior in our highest and most critical places, this behavior is becoming an accepted norm taken for granted in our social context like walking and the sun coming up every day. As truth in our endeavors slips away from us collectively and we embrace ignorance and a preference for the shallow and mundane, it is destructive and it will lead to ruin for all including those addicted to power, control and secrecy. However, their addiction will not allow them to see this.

If we want a true republic that is for the good of all and future generations, then we must fight for it or loose it. Right now there are truths of no doubt great importance regarding our greater planetary environment that are being denied us even though those truths are our property and ours by right of law and Constitution. Right now some smaller part of our population focused mostly on self and regarding us a merely cattle and a financial and talent resource is gaining control of us and positioning themselves as intermediaries between us and any greater environment. In their addiction, no amount of power and control will ever be enough and so we will all increasingly become prisoners of their addiction to the ruin of all.

Think about it. If there are others out there who may wish to make contact with us or at least be resigned to that as inevitable, who do you think they will wish to make contact with? Would it be with a few holding billions in a prison of ignorance or directly with those billions free to collectively decide on their destiny? Put yourself in the other fellow’s shoes. If you were an alien, who would you place more confidence in on our end, the will of the few or the will of the many? Conversely, if some few here addicted to power are making contact with aliens, what kind of aliens would bother with such contact and who do you think is likely to get the favorable outcome?

You’ve seen in the Mars imaging that truth is in short supply and comes only when a mistake in obfuscation is made and, when it comes, it is usually the exact opposite of the official position. You’ve seen that it is the same with the Moon imaging. Now you can see representative samples of the same thing even in Earth imaging. It is a clue to connect the dots. It’s up to you.

On this the new President’s first day in office, there is a change in the American people as their will, often thwarted, has now put a new team in power charged with being the point of real change. That has reverberated around the world encouraging millions and billions watching us here in the USA. If we let up trying to leave it to just one man, it puts that person at increased risk by making him an increased target (cut off the head & the rest will die) and the momentum will risk being lost defaulting us back to the old failed ways waiting in the wings to pounce on us.

Your job and mine is to see that this momentum not only continues but increases as we via our increasing numbers pressure our media and leaders to engage truth and particularly space exploration truth. Our most immediate goal is to force the release of the real satellite imaging data hidden away in secrecy some where. It will contain all the truth we need for this moment in time.

ADDENDUM 1/26/2009

Despite the inclusion of the 7th North Carolina image and my comments below it trying to anticipate this and counteract it, I’m still getting some feedback from a few viewers insisting that they see physical water towers present in the Nevada evidence images. They don’t but the question becomes how to adequately convey this? So, even though I thought it was very obvious before, all I can do is include the above eighth image comparing side-by-side two of the Nevada site fake water towers with a closer view of the real North Carolina water tower evidence.

In the center North Carolina image viewed a bit closer, please note how a real water tank and its shadow looks when seen from above. Note how the skeletal tower legs spread out going down from the elevated tank to the ground. Note how the shadows originate from the point where the tower legs intersect the ground. Remember to that to avoid internal expansion pressure endangering the tank, the water tank itself is going to have to be a sunlight reflective color to minimize solar energy absorption. This is what a true water tower of the same design as those in Nevada looks like and nothing could be more obvious.

Now in the two above Nevada images, note that the view is much more oblique (side angle) relative to the more straight down view of the North Carolina evidence. This means that, if it were present, we would have to be seeing more of any physical tower skeletal tower support structure in the Nevada images and not less. Note that in fact there is no true physical tower support structure visible at all. As further proof of that simple fact note that real shadows in the North Carolina image originate from the point where the skeletal tower main leg intersect with the ground. However, you see no true physical tower legs intersecting the ground where the shadows originate in the above left and right images. That’s because they simply aren’t there.

What must be understood is that the smaller rusty red round object at the base of the left water tower shadow and the bright white round object at the base of the right water tower shadow are not parts of a water tower. These are ground level objects and have nothing to do with the water tower shadows, so please do not get confused about this. Further, even if they were assumed to be, both are too small to serve this purpose and neither is in the right position to be casting the water tower shadow as confirmed by the other object’s and their shadows in the 1st and 4th report images.

I really didn’t want to get into this much detail but note that these tower designs have four main tower vertical support legs and a slightly thicker central water delivery pipe. That’s five main long vertical support objects that would cast the most shadow as part of the water tower support structure. In the Nevada image on the right, please note that, because of the sunlight and camera angle, the central water delivery pipe shadow has merged with two front and back tower support legs blocking their view demonstrating only three vertical supports. This is consistent with the way it would be.

However, note the water tower shadow in the left image. There are too many legs and, worse, they are out of position with each other. This evidence is obviously just plain fake. Also, there is another site to the west of the four I’ve reported on here that is part of this group of Nevada sites that also has one of these water tower shadows. I did not report on it because it has another large shadow mixed in with water tower shadow supports.

I did not include reporting on that evidence because I thought it might be visually confusing to some viewers. I do try to keep my reporting thorough but as simple and straight forward as possible. I also did not mention in my original reporting that the first evidence image water tower above has too many legs and out of position because I thought that would be delving off into too much minutia and create more confusion than it would solve.

In any case, I hope this addendum addition and image helps some viewers from getting confused about what they are seeing.


http://earth.google.com: This link takes you to the Google website page for downloading the Google Earth 4.3 program. This will be necessary to do Google Earth searches of this site in Nevada, USA.

http://mapsof.net/Nevada: This link takes you to online page where you can use the same satellite imaging of Nevada that Google Earth uses and without downloading a program. I have confirmed that the same evidence is available here.

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